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Enterprise offer

We create chatbots and voicebots tailored to your needs

We create a concept, strategy and plan for the promotion of chatbot or voicebot

We provide technology consistent with the requirements of the GDPR

We train the natural language processing (NLP) mechanism

We guarantee full support during implementation and development of the chatbot or voicebot

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How we work

1. Need

We set with you business needs that chatbot or voicebot has to meet

2. Prototype

We're preparing a prototype to test the solution

3. Closed tests

We test product on closes users group

4. Deploy and maintenance

We implement chatbot or voicebot, and optimize its operation

5. Evolution plan

We are preparing a chatbot or voicebot evolution plan for the next two years

Our portfolio

Unique features


We adapt our CMS and the system to the applicable requirements in your company, including relocation the database with personal data to the selected cloud or your own data center


We can create one chatbot that efficiently manages and manages many brand fanpages


We have 10 years of experience in implementing Enterprise-class solutions for Polish and foreign brands

Multilingual chatbots

Automatically detect the user's language. They will facilitate the global expansion of your business.

Advanced analytics

We provide valuable data in the statistics panel with the option of visualization in Power Bi and Tableau

What makes us diffrent

We support many communicators

Messenger, Web, Skype, Slack. These are just examples. We are there where your recipients

We automate customer service

Chatbot or voicebot answers the most frequently asked questions and improves the work of Client Service team

We support NLP and Machine Learning

We train the model of automatic responses based on the delivered conversation history

We are improving Marketing Automation

Maintain the involvement of your users by sending them various types of Push notifications according to defined rules

We provide the Promotion Panel

You will create promotional widgets that will allow you to enlarge your audience

We create voicebots

An intelligent solutions that will understand the spoken commands and will answer them

We have our own technology,
for which numbers speak

2018 in KODA Bots
Enterprise-class chatbots deployments
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year of experience

Custom Integrations

We adjust to your system
Google Assistant
Your integration

Our leaders

Business Growth Director
He will introduce you to the world of chatbots. He will understand your needs, present the possibilities of our system, dispel doubts. He will show you how our platform contributes to achieving business goals. Thanks to the knowledge of the market and user experience, he will prepare a solution for you that will meet your expectations.

Customer Success Manager
Ola's team makes every project just the beginning of an exciting brand's adventure with a chatbot. It will ensure that it runs smoothly from the idea to a fully working solution that meets your needs. The team will also take care of chatbot's development.
Chief Technology Officer
Michał's team designates the technological development directions of the KODA Bots platform. It combines coding with a creative look at the user's needs. The team will take care of the security and smooth operation of your chatbot and will be responsible for the integration of the platform with your system's API.