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improve the efficiency of communication processes

They increase

Chatbots and voicebots guide clients through the entire purchase process. They organize promotions and customize your products and services.

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They reduce the costs of customer service

They quickly answer clients and are available 24 hours a day – on websites and inside messaging or mobile apps.

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They boost customer engagement

Organize contests, lotteries, and quizzes inside chatbots or voicebots. With the user-friendly admin panel, you can easily create new and effective customer engagement activities.

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They facilitate recruitment processes

Chatbots and voicebots integrate with databases, gather information, and profile job candidates, significantly shortening the recruitment process – both the collection of CVs and their final selection.

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They create multi-chatbots

Hotel chains, fitness clubs, and other businesses – manage different scenarios of many chatbots with the help of a single central admin panel.

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They effectively replace mobile apps

Investing in automated communication solutions means lower maintenance costs, easier content management, and smoother updates.

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They improve internal communication

They create a user-friendly database with answers to the most important questions concerning in-house processes, offers, and staff-related matters.

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They create and develop databases

They gather data from different customer touchpoints, creating solutions that enable sending huge numbers of personalized messages

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Find out how your company can benefit from automating communication processes
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A unique automated communication management technology you can use on different contact channels

Contact Center

Facilitate communication processes on important contact channels. Make it easy for customers to quickly find the information they need. Join us to create chatbots and voice bots that will make your brand communication special and unique.

Conversation scenarios

Sales, marketing, customer service, internal communication, or the recruitment of new employees – no matter what your conversations are about, we can automate them for you.

User-friendly panel

Already 70% of our clients are able to independently manage the content of messages, which are exchanged with their clients, partners, and employees.

Ready-made modules

Weather, contests, RSS content, and many others – we offer ready-made modules that make it easy to build conversation scenarios.

Easy integration

Thanks to easy integration with external databases, chatbot content is always up-to-date and adjusted to users.


Every scenario version can be easily recovered thanks to content structure versioning and advanced security mechanisms.
Conversation scenarios

Natural language

We’re constantly improving our NLP system that we’ve developed. We also use solutions created by the world’s leading tech companies. We start each project with an in-depth analysis of the conversations between our clients and their users, and we end with extensive tests.

Own dictionaries

Collections of words, phrases, declensions, conjugations, synonyms, contexts – we've worked out different patterns for many types of industries, conversations, and languages.

Language detection

We can recognize the language in which users write questions and we're able to provide the right answers.

Correction of misspellings

We created a system that supports NLP algorithms in the proper detection of misspelled words.

Bot training

Those who manage chatbot content can extend the range of detected words and answered questions.
Natural language

Advanced analytics

We work with specific, measurable goals in mind. We’ve improved our statistics panel, which enables us to carefully analyze user behavior and better meet the requirements of our clients.

Statistical events

All events, clicks, content views are registered, which allows to, among others, create effective sales funnels.

Data export and integrations

All the data can be moved to tools, such as PowerBI, transferred via an API, or exported to an .XLS file.

Statistical mode

We connected the conversation management screen with information about the effectiveness of specific messages – to make successful optimization even easier.

Performance measurement

Our system shows the extent to which your conversations have been automated without a moderator's intervention.
Advanced analytics

Sending messages

Gain the ability to have constant, regular contact with users based on their preferences – no matter what communication channels they use.

Support for many contact channels

One message can be sent to users of different messaging apps, e.g. Messenger or WhatsApp.

Performance results

Open and click-through rates, the number of interactions – you can quickly view the performance of your campaigns.

Distribution via an API

If you have an automated marketing communication tool, you can use it to send messages to bot users.

Intelligent communication

Send notifications according to predefined rules, for example, order completion reminders, post-conversation surveys, and so on.
Sending messages

Contact Center

We automate text and voice search. We never leave user questions unanswered, focusing on high-quality customer experience.

24/7 availability

Virtual assistants can be active 24 hours a day or only when your consultants are absent.


We develop bots that understand users and can talk with them – both on websites and in a customer service call center.


Our clients use many different IT systems, data formats, and types of databases. We always find the best way of connection.


We adjust our software modules to the needs of clients – call transfers, thread tagging, topic filtering, etc.
Contact Center

Enterprise-class system

We’re fully prepared for an extensive implementation of an automated communication system. This is thanks to our technology, which we’ve been developing based on the needs of our clients.

System of roles and permissions

Every person who is responsible for content management has specific roles – from viewing statistics to the ability to make content updates.

Cloud & Hybrid solution

The system is available on the Google Cloud Platform, which makes it possible to, for instance, store databases on clients' servers.

Compliance with GDPR

We guarantee data anonymity, the support of a Data Protection Officer, and many other security possibilities.


We prepared our system to be used by many people in a short amount of time.


We made it easier to adjust our ready-made modules to processes that are characteristic of specific companies.

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