The next BIG THING


Almost 3 billion people all around the globe use messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Skype. Their skyrocketing popularity and functionality development open wide range of possibilities for brands to build strong relationship with customer.

We are KODA

We design chatbots

Social media, performance marketing and IT. Those are the things we mastered over the years while working for the biggest brands you can find K2 Media and Lemon Sky JWT portfolio.

Today we juxtaposition our strategic and technological experiences to maximize potential which lays in chatbots – the hottest business trend of 2017.

  • Mariusz Pełechaty – CEO, Head of Product
  • Marcin Olejnik – Business Developer
  • Michał Pawełczyk – CTO
  • Ania Wilk – Chatbot Designer
  • Roman Bystryts’kyi – Designer

We are ready

We want to work for you

We will analize your industry, brand, customers and implement the best solution to achieve set goals. Chatbot is a virtual adviser who can sell, support, inspire and engage – we will show you the right way to develop bot for your business.

  • Strategy
  • Script
  • Technology
  • Implementation and tests
  • Service
  • Analytics and development

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