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We are a leading company in automated communication processes

Some of the most renowned brands have trusted the KODA Bots technology, knowledge, and professional expertise. We exist since 2017 and we’ve already helped over 70 enterprise clients who use our automated communication management system on a daily basis.

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Our leaders

Mariusz Pełechaty - CEO, KODA Bots
Mariusz Pełechaty
He will introduce you to the world of automated communication. He will understand your needs, present the possibilities of our system, face doubts. He will show you how our platform contributes to achieving business goals. Thanks to the knowledge of the market and user experience, he will prepare a solution for you that will meet your expectations.
Daniel Świątkowski - Strategic Growth Director, KODA Bots
Daniel Świątkowski
Strategic Growth Director
Responsible for business strategy and development of KODA Bots. He is engaged in analysing research and trends in the market of text and voice automation in order to develop our technology and solutions. Contact him if you want to become KODA Bots' technology partner or implement an innovative idea together.
Michał Pawełczyk - Chief Technology Officer, KODA Bots
Michał Pawełczyk
Chief Technology Officer
Michał's team designates the technological development directions of the KODA Bots platform. It combines coding with a creative look at the user's needs. The team will take care of the security and smooth operation of your chatbot and will be responsible for the integration of the platform with your system's API.
Adam Szewczyk - Head of Project Management, KODA Bots
Adam Szewczyk
Head of Project Management
Adam's team will successfully manage your project. They deal with the entire management process, including building its complete work plan, controlling every step of implementation, up to passing the project after implementation tests to the Customer Success team.
Aleksandra Bilińska - Head of Customer Success , KODA Bots
Aleksandra Bilińska
Head of Customer Success
Ola's team makes every project just the beginning of an exciting brand's adventure with a chatbot. She will ensure that it runs smoothly from the idea to a fully working solution. The team will also take care of chatbot's development.

We’re changing the way in which communication processes are automated and we’re continuously improving the way we work. All our decisions are guided by our values – from technology development, helping clients benefit from our software, to hiring new team members.

Client at the center of attention
We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our clients. We always make decisions based on their best interests. We take care of ROI, advising clients how to make the best of our automated communication system and implementing ideas that develop originally adopted solutions.
We focus on trust and transparency
They are our priority. We devote a lot of time to our clients to fully meet their needs. Our work is based on direct and honest communication. This allows us to come up with tailor-made solutions – because we know that one size does not fit all.
People are the key
The KODA Bots team reflects our culture and values. We work together to achieve success, constantly improving our skills and taking the next steps in our development. We focus on freedom of action because we believe that it‘s the best way to produce innovative ideas.

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