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3 Features of the Wroclaw Airport Chatbot you Should Know About

3 Features of the Wroclaw Airport Chatbot you Should Know About

Andrzej Gruszka 23.05.2019
Andrzej Gruszka

It has happened! The Wroclaw Airport chatbot passed our February tests and, since the beginning of March, interacts with users. This is the first time a Polish airport implemented a chatbot and, most importantly, a project on which we have worked together with the WA team. Thanks to this cooperation, we were able to equip the chatbot with unique and useful features that allow passengers to plan their flight from beginning to end – and that’s possible by using only the Messenger app!

1. The Chatbot Search Engine is Full of Useful Information

The virtual assistant knows answers to hundreds of frequently asked questions. Right now, it’s able to properly answer over 50% of them. The chatbot constantly learns so that it can always provide reliable information. We also prepared him for the role of a virtual airport guide. It can show you where to find shops, restaurants, cafés, or kids zones. Thanks to the chatbot, users can find everything they need – before, during, and after their travel.

We created the original list on the basis of data provided by the airport staff and information received from WA Facebook fans. We also carried out an analysis of user behaviour – how users searched for information on the WA website.  

What’s interesting, the chatbot even allows users to check what the weather’s like in any place on earth. The user can choose whether he wants to share his/her location or enter the name of the city.

And even if it happens that the chatbot isn’t able to answer the question, the user can always contact a moderator who will provide him with the information he needs.

Exemplary answers to questions asked by WA chatbot users

2. Chatbot Integrated with Skyscanner

Thanks to the integration with Skyscanner, the chatbot can find flight connections both from and to Wroclaw. It also allows users to filter flights by price, number of stops, or time. You can find the best flight connections, the cheapest tickets, and instantly book a flight. The chatbot also displays flight schedules in Messenger and, if necessary, redirects the user to official airline websites or to Skyscanner airline offers. This is the first advanced integration of a Messenger chatbot with the Skyscanner system.

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3. Easy Access to Information Thanks to Chatbot Subscriptions

Thanks to a comprehensive integration with the airport system, the chatbot allows passengers to track their flight. What’s more, after buying a ticket and subscribing, customers can receive information about the check-in, boarding, and plane arrival time.

The chatbot informs users about their flight status in real time. Already when the passenger is on his way, the chatbot gives him directions to the airport and shows him where to find a parking spot. It also informs him when he should check-in, board the plane, and reminds him about the gate closing time. After the plane arrives, the chatbot directs the passenger to an appropriate baggage carousel.

Wroclaw Airport chatbot subscription

It’s time to Develop the Wroclaw Airport Chatbot

In February, the chatbot successfully passed user tests. They were carried out on the winners of a Facebook contest. This enabled us to gather opinions of real passengers who use the airport services in many different ways – from people who fly for their first time to those who fly several times a week. Thanks to our passengers, the chatbot could be improved to better meet their needs.

To start a conversation with the chatbot in Polish or English, the only thing you have to do is to type Port Lotniczy Wrocław or Wroclaw Airport in your Messenger app.


English version of the Wroclaw Airport chatbot

We launched the chatbot for the comfort of our passengers, as we value their opinions. The user tests have proved that the chatbot is intuitive and easy to use and that it contains a comprehensive information database. The tests also provided us with interesting insights that allowed us to improve the chatbot.

Dariusz Kuś, President of the Wroclaw Airport Management Board