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5 Features of Chatbots You Should Know About

5 Features of Chatbots You Should Know About

Michał Pawełczyk 14.02.2019
Michał Pawełczyk

It’s not difficult to find online articles about chatbots and their most popular features. Usually, only the basic aspects of chatbots are discussed in such texts. If you’re planning to use this tool in your company, you should go a step further. Messenger Bots are capable of much more than one might think. So, pay attention to those features which, with the assistance of an experienced programmer, will be able to grab the attention of users and increase the engagement of your followers both on Facebook and Messenger.

1. Account Linking

Let’s assume that your clients already have created an account on your website. If, after signing in, they’re able to e.g. edit their data and preferences or check their order status, this means that you can also let them do it in a chatbot dialog box.

The only thing you need to do is to link the user’s account from your website with his Facebook account. After clicking a link in a chatbot, the user signs into your database, and thereby you allow him to perform actions that would be impossible without logging in.

For example, the 4FUN.TV mobile app allows users to observe clips. It notifies them when a music video is about to be broadcasted on the TV station. The chatbot works exactly the same. The user only needs to log into Facebook Connect to get access to the 4FUN.TV database.

Credit application processing status, order status, invoice amount, reminder about a bus departure time – you can easily send these and other pieces of information to your clients, not only in a text message or e-mail but also with the help of a chatbot.


2. Messenger Codes/QR Codes

They allow you to create interactions at a low cost. Imagine you’re buying a ticket to some kind of event – concert, performance, match, etc. On the ticket, the organizer had placed a Messenger Code with a short instruction explaining how to use it.

You scan the code and, during the event, you can receive a better seat in the audience, a free drink, or a special present. Why does this happen? Because after you have scanned the code, you added the brand to your Messenger contacts. From this moment, you’re able to interact with it using a more convenient channel. And the brand can, for example, send you information that is only available on this specific communication channel.

It’s a great and simple solution that allows you to transform physical shop visitors into online users and chatbot subscribers, whom you can then send notifications and invitations to following interesting events hosted by your brand.

That’s what Pepsi did. The brand took online chatbot communication to a whole new level of interaction and won the hearts of followers who used Messenger Codes.

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3. Webview. Website “on Steroids”

Messenger Bots are sequences of linked blocks that need to meet certain standards – the size of image files, the number of characters, buttons, etc. So how can you add multimedia and make them more interactive? In this case, the perfect solution is Webview.

We don’t have to exit our conversation with a chatbot in order to, for example, read a long article, which is much easier to read on a webpage than inside a dialog box. Nothing surprising? Of course, but do you know that you can synchronize data between your website and chatbot?

Imagine that you’re making a cinema seat reservation. You search for a specific movie and click on the “Choose your seat” button and get redirected to the map of the screening room, you pick your seats (at the end and in the middle of the theater, of course 🙂 ), you press “Continue”, the webview closes, and you receive the following message: “You have chosen seat G15 and F15…”

This solution combines the benefits of both chatbots and graphic interfaces, and it works on a mobile app as well as on a desktop version. How can you use this technology to make customer service simpler than ever? For example, you can:

  • configure and display products,
  • show a calendar to help clients choose dates,
  • integrate your online shop with a chatbot (shopping cart, payments, and so on).


4. Messenger Extensions

Messenger Extensions are micro-apps you use not only during chatbot conversations but also during conversations with another person (or a group of people). After the first interaction with a chatbot, this extension automatically appears in your Messenger app (unfortunately, it won’t work in your browser).

You use Messenger Extensions in a similar way as stickers; you simply choose one and send it. The magic happens later because, after clicking on the sent message, you can open e.g. a website that is synchronized with other people’s accounts in a given chat thread.

Imagine you’re chatting with a friend and you want to share a song of your favourite band. Spotify has just the right extension. The song will play directly from your Messenger, not from the app. This can work well if you decide to e.g. make a party playlist together.

In a similar fashion, you can book a table, choose a movie to watch, create a to-do list, or make a shopping list with your wife ?The possibilities are endless, your creativity is the only limit.



5. Contests

The Internet is full of contests. Brands are trying to outdistance each other in ideas that would grab the attention of users and encourage them to buy their products or services. This is usually accompanied by landing pages, specifically designed for users to allow them to add a photo, video, text, or to engage them in another way.

Do you sometimes organize such contests for your clients? If yes, then you surely know how much time it takes to create a contest page. You also often have to struggle with problems connected to usability, not to mention the high costs. The data you have gathered (typically email addresses) turn into messages that users frequently ignore. And that’s only part of the problems.

They can be solved by contests held in chatbots, since bots make the whole contest machine come down to a simple app that you use on an everyday basis. We made it possible thanks to a special panel of our design. It allows the organizer to manage the sent texts – not only to edit them but also to add tags, send messages to the winners, export data to Excel, or analyze statistics. In the case of 4FUN.TV – using only Messenger – the user chooses a contest he wants to participate in, receives all the necessary information, and sends his entry in the dialog box. A photo, a video, anything. If you want to offer users to play a game, you can show it on webview, and the user’s score will be exported directly to your chatbot.

Interaction is The Answer!

Interaction is the key because it allows you to build relations, satisfy your followers, solve their problems, and, by the way, you can also save time and money. What’s more, you don’t have to design separate websites or landing pages, since chatbots are accessible to anyone (besides, they’re also gaining more and more users). It’s up to you if your bot will be designed for basic conversations or if it will be a bot that engages your followers by offering nonstandard solutions.