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50 Contests Inside The 4FUN.TV Chatbot – Case Study

50 Contests Inside The 4FUN.TV Chatbot – Case Study

Ola Bilińska 21.01.2020
Ola Bilińska

On the occasion of the current 50th 4FUN.TV chatbot contest, we want to tell you about the most memorable moments we’ve had with the FUNBOT. We’ve tested numerous solutions and faced many difficult challenges. Thanks to this, we broadened our experience and strengthened our belief that automated communication is a perfect solution for consumer engagement activities, like chatbot contests.

Nothing is impossible for 4FUN.TV. Its chatbot contests are always inventive, creative, and they perfectly harmonize with the mechanisms of automated communication.

Thanks to the wide variety of games that address the TV station fans, we could group the contests into specific categories, which are explained below.

1. A classic approach to chatbot contests

4FUN.TV knows its viewers and follows trends they’re interested in. This helps the brand create unique customer engagement activities. 

Less is more – to win a contest, the only thing you have to do is to answer a short question. This simple solution works great with popular TV shows, like Young Stars or K-POP Non Stop, where 4FUN.TV plays music clips dedicated to a young public. Viewers can not only win gadgets and CDs but also extremely attractive prizes, including workshops with their favorite music idols.


These contests are dedicated to our most active viewers. Whenever Young Stars is broadcasted, we’re bombarded with messages, photos, and positive comments. We don’t want to complicate the contest in any way – anyone can participate and get the chance to win the award of his dreams. It’s not necessary to have a super smartphone, artistic talent, or brilliant ideas. We simply choose those people who have a really good reason for participating in the Young Stars Camp. And FUNBOT helps us handle thousands of contest submissions.

Karolina Eljaszak, Digital Content Manager and Social Media Specialist at 4FUN.TV

2. Look out for the contest password 

By holding contests in a chatbot, 4FUN.TV encourages users to watch music clips and specific TV shows. How does the brand do this?

By organizing contests divided into several steps. Users can pass to the next level only if they find the password, which the TV station displays only on specific days and at specific times. If a user fails to notice the password, FUNBOT automatically blocks the participant.

We created a new validation process just for this type of contest. We can pick the time at which a specific password will admit users to the next level of the contest. Thanks to a list of passwords we’ve prepared earlier, we could enter them all at the same time and observe how they automatically changed, depending on the chosen date and time. With attractive prizes (e.g. an iPhone) and countdown timers (e.g. to Spring Day), we don’t have to worry about the number of participants because the viewers of 4FUN.TV love this type of entertainment.

We adopted a similar approach in the case of Chcesz? Masz!. This is the name of a music hit list, which viewers can control with the help of their phones and Messenger. By voting for their favorite songs, they’re able to choose what music clip will be aired next. But first, they have to acquire a special password.

3. A chatbot contest with special dedications 

FUNBOT has a feature that makes it possible for users to dedicate songs for their close ones. After a user chooses a song, it’s broadcasted by 4FUN.TV. The TV station went a step further and used this feature in a contest. We can approach song dedications in many different ways – we’ve already had a contest for a mean dedication (within the bounds of good taste, of course), a sweet dedication, and a Christmas song.

The user path is simple and resembles a classic song dedication flow. Songs are downloaded from 4FUN.TV’s API and displayed by the chatbot. Users can pick songs from the list and dedicate it to their friends or loved ones. After they choose a song, we ask them for the dedication and the addressee’s name or nickname. Before we send this to the 4FUN system, we make sure that all the information is correct (after all, the dedication will be aired on TV). Finally, the  song is broadcasted. By the way, users get the chance to win attractive prizes. It’s a win-win situation.

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4. Hunting for music videos

Before Ed Sheeran’s concert in Warsaw, 4FUN.TV organized a contest for the singer’s most loyal fans. What was the catch? Users could take part in the contest ONLY while Ed Sheeran’s music videos were played by 4FUN.TV.

The music videos of the British star had special IDs. Thanks to this, we could use scenario variants and a variable {{is_clip_on_air}} to admit users to the contest only while the clips were on air. Otherwise, the chatbot informed users about the rules of the game and encouraged them to watch 4FUN.TV and to participate in the contest as soon as they saw an Ed Sheeran song played on TV. We received over 8 500 contest submissions – that’s quite a good result, considering the strict requirements the contest participants had to meet.

Even the best contest held on Facebook won’t give you so many opportunities as a game in a Messenger chatbot. We test different solutions because we can see how much our viewers enjoy the contests we organize. Such competitions are not only a great way to engage our users but also to encourage them to participate in different activities organized by our TV station.

Karolina Eljaszak, Digital Content Manager and Social Media Specialist at 4FUN.TV

We organized a similar game while we waited for the Nicki Minaj contest. If you’re reading this text in December 2019 and if you want to participate yourself, you can try hunting for Young Stars’ music videos. We’re setting the bar even higher – you can hunt for songs only while the TV show Chcesz? Masz! is broadcasted.

5. When participants choose the prizes

In this type of contest, participants can use FUNBOT to choose the prizes they want to play for. We used this mechanism during a campaign called The Gift of your Dreams.

Right after users have accepted the contest rules, they could choose the prize they wanted to win. Their choice was saved in a variable, so the data was displayed next to every contest submission. Thanks to this, the contest organizers could easily check what prizes were assigned to specific users. And after they’ve downloaded the contest submissions in a .xls file, sorting results and selecting the winners was a piece of cake. 

6. A chatbot quiz will work everywhere

The Gift of your Dreams enabled users to choose an award. But the game we organized with CCC let users pick the shoes that perfectly matched them.

After discovering what brand was the best match for a given user (we asked several lifestyle questions dedicated to specific target groups), he could participate in the contest and win a CCC gift card. The contest quiz had a specific mechanism – we rewarded the boldest and funniest answers. And what was the effect? We had quite a few contest submissions and a lot of creative responses. 

Chatbot contests achieve important goals

FUNBOT plays a vital, often leading role in 4FUN.TV’s contests. It has received several thousand contest submissions within less than two years. The contests not only significantly increased the number of chatbot users but also generated a greater interest in the TV station and its music shows.

Already after the first contests, we’ve attracted a lot of interest. This shows the enormous potential of this type of consumer engagement activities. We always consult every, even the craziest idea with KODA Bots. They never question our ideas and are always prepared to put them into practice. Because our music station is known for its interactivity and unique entertainment, we always put the FUNBOT in the first place. Our followers also share this view and enjoy interacting with the chatbot.

Karolina Eljaszak, Digital Content Manager and Social Media Specialist at 4FUN.TV