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Business Statistics That Matter

Business Statistics That Matter

Mariusz Pełechaty 18.07.2019
Mariusz Pełechaty

When it comes to running a business, knowledge is power. And knowledge is fuelled by business statistics – something every company has to have in order to achieve success. Data plays a major role in our company. It makes us transparent, trustworthy and, most importantly, we can prove that chatbots built with our technology really work.

We gather data and share it during client meetings, on our website, social media channels, and in specific case studies. It’s business statistics that define KODA Bots. We treat them as a reference point for the past, present, and future because we’ve got new, large-scale deployments ahead of us. Thus, we’d like to start a new series of articles about the current most important statistics on chatbots, social media, and Messenger marketing. We’ll keep our texts updated with the freshest stats.

KODA Bots statistics – back to the past

The previous year was very successful for us. We’ve learned a lot and we’ve managed to achieve most of our goals. Let’s take a look at some statistics to see the full picture.

  • 28 enterprise-class deployments
  • 9 million messages exchanged between users and our clients’ chatbots.
  • In 2018, we sent 1 million push notifications to our clients’ target groups. 
  • By now, we’ve counted 300 000 unique users of the chatbots we’d implemented.

Our mid-year, monthly, and daily chatbot statistics

The new year brought us new data. With the help of our technology, we finished the first half of the year with 23 chatbot deployments. By now, we can proudly say that we’ve implemented 30 chatbots. In August, we had better statistics than in 2018.

23 enterprise-class chatbot deployments in only the first half of 2019.

The number of enterprise-class chatbot deployments by mid-2019.

By the end of June, we’ve sent 7 million messages – only 2 million less than in 2018. We’re looking forward to beating our record, hoping to at least double our number of user-chatbot interactions ?

By the end of the first six months, we’ve sent 810 000 push notifications. We would need almost 200 000 more to beat last year’s score

At the end of June, we had almost 215 thousand unique users. If we combined this with the statistics from last year, we’d have nearly 515 000 unique users in total

What about monthly stats? KODA Bots’ chatbots achieved the following numbers in June:

  • Interactions: 2 462 254
  • Messages sent from our platform: 1 627 940
  • Messages sent to chatbots: 834 314
  • Unique users: 49 504
  • Active users: 84 764
  • Push notifications sent from our platform: 120 714

We noted the highest number of interactions on the 16th of June – 94 508 (with a monthly average of slightly more than 82 000 interactions).

On the 12th of June, we had the highest number of unique chatbot users – 2154 (with an average of 1650). 

On the 3rd of June, we had a record for push notifications – we sent 10 584 (with a monthly average of around 4 000). 

July brought us equally impressive results. In most cases, we slightly exceeded the numbers from the previous month. What’s more, thanks to our new deployments, the number of unique chatbot users increased by over 30 000.

  • Interactions: 2 561 869
  • Messages sent from our platform: 1 717 890
  • Messages sent to chatbots: 843 979
  • Unique users: 70 069
  • Active users: 90 201
  • Push notifications sent from our platform: 129 135

We had the highest number of interactions on the 1st of July – 96 966 (with a monthly average of slightly more than 82 000 interactions).

And we gained 6 709 unique users on the 31st of July (with an average of 2 260). 

On the 4th of July, we reached the highest number of push notifications – 8 214 (with an average of above 4165). 

We also had impressive results in August! It’s mostly due to the chatbot contests, which were slowly coming to an end in July.

  • Interactions: 1 769 230
  • Messages sent by our bot: 1 241 365
  • Messages sent to our bot: 527 865
  • New users: 45 709
  • Active users: 61 030
  • Push notifications: 175 506

On the 14th of August, we had an absolute record of messages – 144 453 (with an average of about 57 000 interactions). That’s definitely due to the last days of the Żywiec Lottery.

The number of unique users slightly decreased – there were 3 945 users (with an average of almost 1475). 

The 14th of August was also the day when we sent the most push notifications – 65 893  (with an average of slightly more than 5 661). 

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Statistics confirm that our chatbots work

We defined the main categories for several segments represented by the chatbots of our clients. For this year’s August, we have the following statistics:

1. News media

  • All interactions: 165 648,
  • Unique users: 3 781,
  • Push notifications: 243 796.

2. Entertainment

  • All interactions: 1 226 967,
  • Unique users: 31 676, 
  • Push notifications: 380 493.

3. Transport and tourism

  • All interactions: 1 091 750,
  • Unique users: 30 696,
  • Push notifications: 52 809.

4. Lifestyle

  • All interactions: 766 365,
  • Unique users: 9 926,
  • Push notifications: 67 893.

5. Ecommerce

  • All interactions: 762 479,
  • Unique users: 20 745,
  • Push notifications: 12 078.

Statistics from selected KODA Bots chatbot deployments

We prepared a brief summary of important statistics on several chatbots. We’ll keep them regularly updated.

  1. Semilac chatbot: open rate stands at the level of 95-100%, and CTR reaches 32%, 34%, up to even 42%.

For comparison, mailing marketing in the beauty/SPA industry usually gives a 22,50% OR and a 5,87% CTR.

During this year’s Look&Beautyvision trade fair in Poznan, Semilac used Facebook Messenger Code to encourage clients to interact with the brand.

315 users scanned the code and 285 people received a nail polish.

Women exchanged 16 232 messages with the Semilac chatbot. There were on average 28 interactions per session and a single session lasted approximately 5 minutes.

During the launching of Semilac’s City Break collection, users exchanged half a million messages with the chatbot. After a teaser, which had a 58% CTR, every next message was received by several thousand people. Here are the results:

  • First day: 100% OR, 76% CTR,
  • Second day: 100% OR, 74% CTR,
  • Third day: 100% OR, 85% CTR,
  • Fourth day: 100% OR, 83% CTR.

On the last day, it turned out that 80% of people who joined the game on the first day played until its very end.

In summary, we had 834 female participants in the City Break contest.

  1. The chatbot for Żywiec Męskie Granie

During the first 3 weeks, the chatbot properly interpreted 94% of questions and in 55% of cases, users found its answers full and precise.

  1. FUNBOT for 4FUN.TV

The chatbot of a popular music TV station is growing stronger month by month. The number of unique users constantly increases, and FUNBOT’s unique features keep winning the hearts of young target groups. 

  • Interactions with over 123 000 people,
  • 90% returning users,
  • 95% Open Rate. 
  1. The chatbot for Zieleniec SKI Arena

During the winter season, the chatbot plays a major role in customer service. It quickly gained popularity amongst users. Before they decide to visit Zieleniec, people use its tips and guidelines to, for example, check the current weather. 

  • Interactions with 7000 users,
  • answers to dozens of daily asked questions,
  • 2300 regular subscribers.