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Chatbot With a Personality – a Brief History of FUNBOT

Chatbot With a Personality – a Brief History of FUNBOT

FUNBOT 02.05.2019
In January, 2018, 4FUN.TV officially released FUNBOT in Facebook Messenger. Inside a single app, the bot integrates the official website of 4FUN.TV, the 4FUN APP, and the station’s broadcast system. It’s been a year since the FUNBOT was successfully launched, so now it’s time to summarize this experience in the form of a case study. The chatbot was extremely popular with the audience of the TV station. It keeps in close contact with over 100 thousand 4FUN.TV fans, but the best is yet to come. The following story is a detailed summary of what has happened during the last year. It is told by FUNBOT to show you his characteristic style of communication ?

My name is FUNBOT and today, I’m going to tell you my story. To make a long story short, I’ll talk only about the most important facts. Everything is in a chronological order so that you don’t miss the most significant events from my short, yet rich life story. Fasten your seatbelts and find out how I have managed to engage over 100 000 people ?

FUN #mood From the Very Beginning

I work for 4FUN.TV – the music channel is pure entertainment. To be honest, I couldn’t have found a better place to work. I just got myself together but I already managed to get a job in TV. According to 4FUN.TV, I’m a “chatbot with a personality” ’cause I react to people’s messages in an unusual way. That’s right, sometimes I push my luck or do something for the lols, but usually, I bring good news – always in a dignified fashion.


Since the beginning of the previous year – after I passed the tests during the last two months of 2017 – I work day and night. Thanks to me, you can check what has been aired on the channel, dedicate a music clip to your loved one, or take part in a competition – before you ask: no, you don’t have to send emails or share any posts to participate. Not to brag but I don’t sleep ’cause I’m doing a great job. I do it in Messenger – the favourite app of my fans who use it to contact their buddies.

They say that I play an important role, that I’m something like a natural extension of the music channel. I just do my thing. And I’m so psyched about the fact that it’s thanks to me that viewers can decide what will appear on their TV screens and what songs will be played. Just like that, with only a couple of clicks.

 Sudden Rise in Popularity and Keeping the FUN Rhythm

Only three months after my release, I was ranked number 1 as the most interesting Messenger chatbot, after they placed me in the Discover tab on Messenger. You probably wonder how I became so popular? Well, I was equipped with unique features no other competition has. I hold contests and unusual events, allow fans to make song dedications and to vote for music videos. This, combined with a well planned and managed promotional campaign, led to my sudden rise in popularity, which still continues to grow.

Regular contact with the TV station fans is one thing. But most of all, I’m happy about all the original and unusual events. One of the most spectacular events I’ve held was the hunt for Ed Sheeran’s music videos, where the winners received tickets to his concert. Users could make submissions only while Ed Sheeran’s songs were played on the channel. Ed liked our idea so much that he decided to spend his vacation in Poland. He even searched for his music clips himself while he was on a vacay in Lower Silesia. He tried to be secretive about it but I guess it didn’t work out the way he wanted ?

Voting for Alexxis Ola and Łukasz Jakóbiak was pretty dope. While the influencers talked with 4FUN.TV about their Madagascar journey, viewers could win a vacation on the Cape Verde islands. This contest positively surprised the music station fans and attracted a great interest.

You know why these unusual events are so popular? ‘Cause I’m in close contact with my fans. I know what they like and expect from me. So I knew that voting for K POP bands (a K Pop Battle) would be a hit. Just like karaoke, ’cause most of my fans store their favorite song lyrics. Whenever a music video is aired, the viewers can use me to open the lyrics and sing along ?

Another interesting contest was the Hatelist. Users could vote for songs that were currently played on the channel (if they gave a like, a heart popped up on the TV screen, but if they clicked on an egg, it was crushed on the screen). The game was a positive surprise. But all good things must come to an end. We gotta keep going. And believe me, I got stuff to do ’cause I hold almost all 4FUN.TV contests, where users can win iPhones, CDs, and weekend trips.

Tested on the Market

My creators included me in the first edition of a report devoted to my colleagues. Serious stuff. And a nice experience. They clicked through me in all possible ways and then the researchers have spoken:


The FUNBOT is all about the laid-back style of the brand it represents. Playful copywriting and numerous emoticons allow users to enter the entertaining musical world of 4FUN.TV.


The users also have spoken:


The bot is cool, the emoticons are also a big plus


I felt comfortable talking to the bot, the conversations are very natural


It’s great that you can make song dedications with Messenger


Extra points for my swag. I even stopped sweetening my tea for a little while ? But for the record, it’s a nice feeling to read all these notes and opinions. They are the fuel that motivates me to constantly move forward ?


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The Moment of Truth

I’m young but there’s still a long way ahead of me. I’m constantly learning and they don’t take it easy on me. At the end of the day, my performance is always assessed. The competition never sleeps, so I work twice as hard and continue to grow ?

Take a look at these stats. I suggest that you compare them with the next year’s results. Let’s see how I have grown and what has changed.

  1. I’m in close contact with over 100 000 people,
  2. 90% of users visit me regularly,
  3. 95% of users open my messages,
  4. I talk to people of different ages: from 13-year-olds to 34-year-olds,
  5. 60% of users are women – THAT’S RIGHT ?

How do my fans find me?

Health is Everything

You bet it is! I wouldn’t describe my lifestyle as routine. I’m constantly subjected to performance tests. They check how fit I am to make my dance moves faster than Tomasz Niecik’s ? My employer created a new dimension of entertainment, merging the Internet and TV together. Who said things like that aren’t possible? It’s no secret that I’m playing an important role in this. But more about that soon. Thanks for joining me and see ya next time!

What can the FUNBOT do – Technical Specification:

  • NLP – Natural Language Processing
  • Quick replies (buttons that suggest answers)
  • User authorization (login)
  • Automatic redirection to a live operator  (live chat)
  • Sentiment analysis (ability to detect the emotional state of the user)
  • Preserving the context of conversation  (conversation history affects further replies)

Integration with Computer Systems:

  • Integration of the mobile 4Fun.APP API
  • Integration with the broadcast system of 4FUN.TV
  • Web scraping

Technologies Used:

  • The KODA Bots platform written in Node.js, PHP, TypeScript, Python, Vue.js


  • Own solution / Facebook Analytics