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Customer Service on Messenger – 3 Examples of Chatbots You Should Know About

Customer Service on Messenger – 3 Examples of Chatbots You Should Know About

Andrzej Gruszka 15.08.2019
Andrzej Gruszka

Chatbots change customer service for better. They significantly improve communication with clients and increase user satisfaction. Statistics prove this.  Every month, clients and companies use Messenger to exchange 20 billion messages. What’s more, people get more and more impatient when they can’t receive answers to simple questions and when customer service isn’t available 24/7. As you will see in the examples below, chatbots on Messenger effectively solve this problem.

The chatbot helps clients choose the best vacation destinations

After they answer 4 simple questions, clients automatically receive travel offers suited to their needs, no matter what time of day it is. The chatbot, called Mr. Suitcase, was launched on Messenger in June 2019. Clients can choose vacation destinations offered by the largest travel agencies, like TUI, Itaka, or Coral Travel.

Mr. Suitcase improves communication with clients. He speeds up customer service and, at the same time, makes travel agencies more available because clients can contact them at any time of day. The chatbot also serves as a valuable source of information about travel offers and trip details. But, most importantly, it constantly learns new things. Right now, it helps users choose trips to almost 30 countries from all over the world.


Most of all, this solution is a great convenience for users. A short conversation allows them to verify the current prices and choose the best hotel. A moment after users start a conversation with Mr. Suitcase, travel offers are already displayed on their screen. By clicking on windows displayed in Messenger, clients can further specify or modify the results according to their needs. 

Radosław Damasiewicz, Marketing and Ecommerce Director at 

The chatbot allows the brand to better understand its clients and tailor its services according to their preferences. It helps them organize travels, search for interesting destinations and, of course, save a lot of time. The chatbot also answers questions related to documents, visas, travel vaccinations, and so on. 24/7 availability is especially appreciated by clients who hunt for last-minute travels.

Chatbot w turystyce -
Customer service in the chatbot

The chatbot of TVN24 GO helps clients use the news platform

The chatbot automates customer service and facilitates the work of consultants on Facebook Messenger. It helps people whenever they come across any usability or technical problems, no matter what device they’re using.

The TVN24 GO chatbot is called Julia. No matter what time of day it is, it provides clients with the most important information about the platform’s services. It answers questions about technical issues related to accounts and payments and helps users whenever they encounter any usability problems. Julia reacts to different types of error codes and helps users deal with them.


Chatbot TVN24 GO daje użytkownikowi możliwości wyboru. Odbiorca sam decyduje, jakie informacje na temat usługi go interesują. Co więcej, nie musi na nie czekać. A jeśli chce dopytać o szczegóły, ma pod ręką doradcę, do którego w każdej chwili może się odezwać. 

Mariusz Pełechaty, CEO of KODA Bots

The chatbot was implemented at the beginning of June after it had passed a series of comprehensive tests. Nevertheless, users still have the option to evaluate the chatbot’s  answers and overall conversation. Qualitative data enables us to make constant improvements to make human-machine interactions even more pleasant.

Chatbot w obsłudze klienta - TVN24 GO
Customer service in the TVN24 GO chatbot
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The MOICO chatbot is a big convenience for users

MOICObot serves as a virtual assistant. It improves customer service, helps clients choose the best Internet and TV packages, checks the availability of specific services at given locations, and enables users to quickly report an Internet outage.

We connected the client panel with Messenger inside the chatbot. Data is exchanged between the Messenger and KODA Bots platforms and then sent to MOICO’s customer service system. After logging in, clients can use Messenger to check their current account balance and Internet packages, and even download files with recent invoices. They can also report an Internet outage without having to give their address, as it’s detected based on the location of the user’s Internet connection.


Clients expect an immediate reaction. The MOICO chatbot guarantees a quick response to questions asked by users. It also enables the automation of certain customer service processes, which means that you can save time and money.

Wiktor Pastucha, CEO of Wills Integrated

MOICObot has a rich module with 100 questions from different fields, like customer service, payments, available platform services, contracts and assignment agreements, Internet outages, technician visits, routers, additional services, etc. The chatbot also allows users to sign up for notifications about contests or new services offered by the platform. What’s more, it’s equipped with a  moderator module, which contacts a consultant whenever clients want to ask for more details. 

It’s also a great way to determine what clients look for and where they’ve encountered the biggest problems when they searched for information about the offered services and products.

Chatbot klasy Enterprise MOICO
Customer service in the MOICO chatbot