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Enterprise-Class Chatbot – the Answer to the Needs of Your Company

Enterprise-Class Chatbot – the Answer to the Needs of Your Company

Mariusz Pełechaty 22.08.2019
Mariusz Pełechaty

To build the house of your dreams, you need a perfect design project. Things get a little tricky when you start planning your space and try to fit all the furniture in your square footage. So, you search for a specialist who’ll help you do this. The deployment of an enterprise-class chatbot is similar. Even though you know what the chatbot is capable of, you want to test it out beforehand to make sure that it will automate processes inside your company. If you want your chatbot to be efficient, you have to choose the right partner who’ll guide you through the whole process and engage you in the chatbot development only when it’s necessary.

We’ve been deploying chatbots for almost 3 years. We can proudly say that we successfully implemented nearly 60 projects. We perfectly know how the deployment process looks like on your side. Perhaps you’re now thinking “Yeah, right, but in my company…” You don’t have to finish this sentence. Companies have to face different challenges, which translate into specific requirements. One of them is the obligation to report a chatbot to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority – a legal regulation with which we had to comply. 

What is an enterprise-class chatbot?

For us, it’s a model of action. It’s an answer to the needs of clients who want something more than self-service templates. Each company is different, has its own worked out procedures, systems, and so on. Even though certain problems might resemble those from other organizations, we can’t adopt a one-size-fits-all solution because it simply doesn’t exist. We know that in large companies, many decisions are made by many different people. And that the automation of processes is complex, since we have to consider various elements and reconcile conflicting interests of different departments. Automation requires integrations with external systems, cooperation with IT service providers, learning about target users, and so on. We are fully prepared to guide you through this labyrinthine process.

An enterprise-class chatbot is a tailor-made solution. You won’t be able to make it work in a couple of minutes but it also doesn’t take an entire 6 months. This is a complicated process that lasts from several days up to a couple of weeks. It requires an experienced and prepared team, with both creative and technical skills. After gathering all the necessary information, our chatbot is 90% ready for testing in under two weeks. This is possible thanks to our technology, which we have developed based on the needs of our clients.

Did you know that we integrated the Wroclaw Airport chatbot with Skyscanner?

With this advanced search engine, you can search for flights, filter them by price, number of stops, duration, and book a ticket. This is the first such advanced integration of a Messenger chatbot with Skyscanner.


Chatbot turystyczny Portu Lotniczego Wrocław
Our enterprise-class chatbot for Wroclaw Airport

Proof of Concept – the key to your chatbot’s success

With Proof of Concept, chatbot deployment is faster. Naturally, you want to make sure that your idea has practical potential. You want to find out whether the tool really works, whether people actually want to use it, and what resources you’ll need to build it. At this point, we know that you’ll find technology very important. But the thing that matters most is your safety. In the end, we always make sure that the final product fulfills your objectives.

PoC not only allows you to save time and money but also enables you to convince people that it’s worth investing in your idea.


We’ve tried and we’re satisfied with the effects. We continue our cooperation and work on the development of our chatbot.

What’s important is that between specific steps of cooperation, we’ll need you to do just three things: provide the necessary information, give access to the required system integrations, and participate in the final chatbot tests.

It’s really not that much considering the fact that you’re going to deploy new software in your company.

TIP: It’s best to do a Proof of Concept before the required system integrations take place. The concept has to be simple so that your security, compliance, or legal departments won’t have any doubts. This will significantly increase the implementation process. Your chatbot is not a cruise ship filled with needless attractions, which grab the attention of only few passengers. It has to focus on solving one specific problem. You can, for example, use it to merge scattered parts of your company knowledge base. Usually, this kind of knowledge can be accessed through gates only a chatbot can securely enter.

Did you know that we integrated 4FUN.TV’s website, app, and broadcast system inside one chatbot? Thanks to this, users have access to the hottest news, contests, and information about songs that are currently aired on TV. They can also use the bot to vote for their favorite music videos and dedicate songs to their friends or loved ones.


Chatbot klasy Enterprise -
Our enterprise-class chatbot for 4FUN.TV

Choose the right chatbot provider 

What else does an enterprise-class implementation give you besides answering a specific need? 

You can avoid repetitiveness, which is characteristic of off-the-shelf software – free tools for building chatbots. Such tools usually focus on marketing-related activities and are dedicated to one specific platform, for instance, Messenger. They also have a limited number of features, which are hardly ever customizable. They’re an optimal solution but only for small or medium-sized companies.

Some free platforms don’t even offer immediate tech support, not to mention about helping clients with chatbot development, training, updates, or configuration. Even if you encounter a cautious and reluctant user inside your company, at the end of the day, he ends up with a “living” platform that requires constant care and the engagement of your company’s IT department.

Did you know that we made a unique bot for Orbis hotels? We came up with a nonstandard solution on the chatbot market – a multi-chatbot. It’s used at different hotel locations and improves communication with clients on many brand fan pages at the same time! It provides information about specific Orbis hotels, including reservations, amenities, maps, and so on. Given hotels have access to dedicated panels, where they can enter specific data, like contact emails, detailed directions to hotels, and answers to intents detected by the NLP system (for example, whether a given hotel has free parking).
Chatbot klasy Enterprise sieci hoteli Orbis
Our enterprise-class chatbot for The Orbis Hotel Group
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Cooperation with a professional chatbot provider gives you a plan of action, which will help you scale your bot according to your needs and carry out integrations with complex systems without having to fully engage your IT department. That’s the way we do it in KODA Bots because we know it’s important for you.

And this is only part of a recipe for successful cooperation when it comes to building enterprise-class chatbots. Because with our service package, you also receive:

  • a well-defined project roadmap, which contains milestones representing important goals in the development of the chatbot,
  • professional consultations based on data and statistics from already implemented and tested solutions,
  • a working prototype that shows how the chatbot will behave and look like.
Did you know that in MOICO’s chatbot, we combined the client panel with users’ Messenger accounts? Data is exchanged between the Messenger and KODA Bots platforms and then directed to the customer service system of MOICO. Thanks to this, after they log in, clients can use Messenger to check their account balance, current Internet packages, or even download recent invoice files. Besides this, they can also easily report Internet outages without having to share their place of residence, as it’s detected based on the Internet connection locations of given users.


Chatbot klasy Enterprise MOICO
Our enterprise-class chatbot for MOICO

Jumping in at the deep end and chatbot development

Whenever we deploy a chatbot and test it with our clients, we actually define the next intents and contexts where new phrases and words will appear. Thanks to this, the chatbot can properly recognize questions and provide correct answers. That’s why we constantly run tests.

What about enterprise-class chatbot maintenance costs? You know best how the needs of your company, employees, and clients change. A chatbot is a living organism – it grows. That’s why providing support during the development stage is a priority. Since the beginning, we’ve always focused on professional customer service. This allows us to observe how the chatbot behaves during conversations with clients. We can make regular improvements according to our action plan for the upcoming months or even years. You’ll receive individual access to our platform, thanks to which you’ll be up-to-date with the progress we’ve made.

Every month, you’ll receive a report that shows how people use your chatbot. You’ll also get guidelines for further developments, improvements, and promotional activities. At the same time, our chatbot developers will make sure that the technology and data exchange mechanisms work properly. Because we want to make sure that the implemented functionalities run smoothly. Sounds good, doesn’t it?