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How to Increase User Engagement and Sell Effectively with a Chatbot? Semilac Case Study

How to Increase User Engagement and Sell Effectively with a Chatbot? Semilac Case Study

Ola Bilińska 14.03.2019
Ola Bilińska

Do you remember my article where I explained how I create chatbots? I wrote it mainly on the basis of my experience in working on the Semilac chatbot. Today, I’ll continue this story ? I’ll focus on the results we achieved, explain how we obtained them, and show you what observations and conclusions were drawn from 150 000 messages exchanged between users and the Semilac chatbot. Trust me, we have achieved spectacular results ?

For a Good Start…

Semilac is a brand that can boast of one of the biggest and most engaged fan groups. It’s not only a Facebook fanpage with over 600 thousand followers but also a closed group with 75 thousand registered users.

These numbers give us a major advantage but also present a challenge. During the first days of implementation, we used a gateway. It required users to give a password, which we have shared with the most engaged followers, members of a closed Facebook fanpage group (HYBRYDY SEMILAC – KOCHAM).

The most engaged fans gained an opportunity to test the chatbot before anyone else. For us, it was truly a baptism of fire. Nevertheless, thanks to the chatbot release, we gained a perfect information source that allowed us to optimize the bot before sharing it with the rest of the fans.


Semilac chatbot

Pushletter that Breaks Records

One of our main goals was to create a communication channel that is new and innovative in the beauty industry. Semilac is very active when it comes to communication with fans – it uses Instagram (including Insta Story), Facebook (including the closed group I have mentioned), newsletter, e-mail, and even a mobile app. As a natural order of things, the brand also decided to communicate in a chatbot – a tool that is consistent with the brand’s communication strategy.

We didn’t want users, who have signed up for Messenger push notifications, to treat our messages as spam. Users give us the benefit of the doubt when they agree to receive messages from our brand, but this loyalty is very easy to lose.That’s why when we send messages to Semilac fans, we always follow these three rules, which (we can say it out loud) really work, and here are our results to prove this: a 95-100% open rate, a 32%, 34%, and even 42% CTR.

First of all, we always try our best to create messages that our target clients would find interesting. We mainly send content that:

1.inspires, advice,

3.redirects users to the brand’s YouTube channel.

Thanks to our analysis as well as the client’s tips and knowledge, we’re able to create push notifications that raise the interest of fans and reach the strategic goals of the brand. We analyze the message content and effectiveness on the basis of statistics. We try to create an optimal solution, which combines the needs of both our client and his customers. While Semilac fans received advice and stylization ideas, the brand was able to build a positive image – every time a push notification was sent, it contained Semilac products.

Second of all, we don’t exaggerate with the number of sent messages. We follow the rule that two push notifications per month are enough. Our experience has shown that it’s an optimal number that at the same time allows us to keep in touch with users (we can send them messages that are significant for the brand strategy), and that doesn’t scare them off or discourage from subscribing.

Semilac chatbot in Messenger

Third of all, users may find subscriptions risky. That’s why to each notification, we add a button that allows them to unsubscribe. It may seem that this would drastically shrink your customer base, but nothing could be further from the truth. If we stick to the first two rules, we’ll engage users and minimize the risk that they cancel their subscription. Besides, even if someone wants to unsubscribe, he’ll do it anyway. Users can also get irritated if they can’t find an unsubscribe option, so they may simply start blocking your messages. For Facebook, it’s a sign that something is wrong  and in the long run, this will have a disastrous impact on your chatbot.

Last November, we also launched automatic push notifications for users who, after four hours since their first interaction with our chatbot, haven’t decided whether they want to receive push notifications. Thanks to this, we were able to increase our pushletter base by several thousand users in only two months.

How to Increase User Engagement and Sell at the Same Time?

Chatbots, especially those from the beauty industry, rely on images. Each season, the chatbot goes through minor or bigger changes in order to engage users and provide content. Depending on the season, certain colors or collections appear earlier than others. There are also separate modules, like the Colorscope or Christmas shop.

During the chatbot creation process, one of our main objectives was to support the brand online store. We made sure that with every proposed solution, our users had the option to buy our products. This option was displayed not only with specific nail polishes but also in an entertaining lottery, where users could draw stylizations. This proved to be an endless source of interaction with fans ? We also provided an option where users could find stylizations based on color. With only one click on the stylization image, they were redirected to a website where they could find all the nail polishes from the photo.

Besides a statistics dashboard, which allows us to see how many views specific chatbot blocks have, UTM (Understand Conversion Tracking) tags are assigned to each link. With each link, we can learn how users reach our chatbot, whether they convert from a specific ad. Thanks to this, we can track conversions and measure the performance of specific advertising activities.


Product presentations in the Semilac chatbot

In 2018, Semilac started to sell makeup products. Naturally, they were also promoted in the chatbot. Thanks to interactive AR (Augmented Reality) technology, users could see how they would look like with various makeup colors.

AR in the Semilac chatbot

A Chatbot’s Success Depends on How it’s Promoted

Have you ever asked yourself whether you should promote your chatbot? Does it make sense, is it worth it? Well, let’s take a look at how the number of Semilac chatbot users has increased between the 1st of August and the 26th of December.


The start of the Semilac chatbot promotion

The chatbot promotion started in early October, during the month of our most intense marketing activities. We organized a contest for the best nail stylization and displayed our ads on Facebook. However, our own marketing channels proved to be the most effective. One day, we Informed users about the chatbot on Insta Story. That was a perfect shot, the number of interactions increased by 900%, and we didn’t even have to pay a penny!

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Semilac chatbot contest

The Messenger Discover Tab is very valuable, yet easy to overlook. Discover is a place where people can browse and find Messenger bots or exchange messages with nearby places or businesses. We submit every chatbot we make to the Discover Tab, as it’s a tool that allows us to generate traffic for free. The highest traffic comes when your chatbot gets to the Featured section. In our case, the traffic was even higher than from our ads.


Sources of acquiring Semilac chatbot users


*10% ADS



Several days after you have launched your chatbot, you have to remember that when a user  decides to message you on your fanpage, he usually does this in order to get a quick reply or a personalized answer to his complaint. He can’t even think of clicking through numerous chatbot options. The key is to introduce users to the chatbot and to inform them about its changes and development. Otherways, even the best chatbot will get lost in the depths of Messenger.


The Best is Yet to Come

Several factors helped the Semilac chatbot to succeed, among others: smooth cooperation with the client, good knowledge of the target group, and the time spent on optimization. We always make sure that the chatbot meets the users’ as well as the brand’s needs, and after every month of cooperation, we draw conclusions for the future. Thanks to this, the Semilac chatbot lives, changes shapes, and adapts to customers’ needs. Stay tuned, this is only the beginning ?