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How to Promote Your Chatbot – Tried and Tested Methods

How to Promote Your Chatbot – Tried and Tested Methods

Ola Bilińska 06.06.2019

You’ve invested in a chatbot thinking that it will attract clients by itself? You’re wrong. Don’t wait until clients find it. Even if you have the best chatbot on the market, it won’t get recognized without promotion.

This guideline includes mainly costless marketing activities. Of course, the bigger the advertising budget, the better. In the second part of this article, you’ll also find several paid methods to promote your chatbot. Find out what options are best for you.

Chatbot Promotion on Your Own Communication Channels

Start with the website

I’ve observed that the marketing of chatbots is often neglected. You probably own a website and know how much work it costs to attract new visitors. You have to position your website in the search engine results, run AdWords, remarketing campaigns, etc. These are standards and the same applies to chatbots.

On your website, you can create special links hidden in banners or other graphics – they will count the number of people who visit the website via your chatbot. You can also assign variables to users in order to send them personalized messages. On our platform, you can do this in the “Promotion” tab, by clicking on “ links”.

Promocja chatbotów przy użyciu linku
How to assign a variable to a link on the KODA Bots platform

Firstly, you name the link to find it easily on the platform and choose how the link should look like. Then, you choose a specific “place” inside your chatbot, where you want to direct users with the link. After publishing links, you’ll be able to see how many people clicked and went deeper into the chatbot conversation flow. You can also create links that direct to different parts of your website to determine which ones are the most effective.

Promocja chatbota - Unity Line
Online chatbot promotion – Unity Line
Promocja chatbota - Komputronik
Online chatbot promotion – Komputronik

Besides links hidden in your website graphics, you can also use plugins to increase chatbot traffic. For example, on the Wroclaw Airport website, there are two types of plugins:

  • Customer Chat Plugin – very popular plugin, which allows to start a chatbot conversation on the website and to continue it on Messenger.
  • Send-to-Messenger Plugin – with this extension (which is hidden under a small Messenger logo), we can direct users to the chatbot right after they click on the button. Additional information, like the order number and the flight number the user wants to book, is also automatically saved in the Messenger conversation. 
Customer Chat Plugin
Chatbot plugins on the Wroclaw Airport website

In the beginning, it’s worth using different methods to direct website visitors to your chatbot. You can obtain valuable knowledge by comparing the results between them. And this will allow you not only to optimize your tool but also improve its marketing communication.

Use Social Media

I often see newly released chatbots that aren’t supported by social media channels. Even though brands use social media as basic tools for sharing content and contacting potential clients. Facebook promotion offers a range of possibilities. You can write texts for your fan page, add graphics or short videos that show how your chatbot works. It’s also a good practice to notify fans about new chatbot functionalities; step by step, to constantly increase their interest. You can also use Instagram Stories and the swipe up function to direct users straight to your chatbot or Facebook Story.

Promocja chatbota w Instagram Stories
Chatbot promotion on Instagram Stories

Auto replies to Facebook posts are also very helpful. They’re a great way to engage a larger number of recipients. Thanks to this feature, anyone who comments your post will receive a private message; a message which will refer to the published content and provide users with valuable information. Whenever people start an interaction with an auto reply, they’re also saved in the bot’s database.

How to Create an Auto Reply?

  1. We create a post and publish it on our fan page.
  2. We name the auto reply to be able to find it in our data – it will be displayed only on our platform.
  3. We choose a post to which we want to assign auto replies.
  4. We decide whether we want the chatbot to reply to the user only once or every time the user comments the post
  5. We decide whether the chatbot should respond only when users write a specific word in their comments.


Promocja chatbota - autoodpowiedzi na Facebooku
Creating auto replies – step by step
  1. We write the message that will be sent to the user. 
  2. The user can write anything to make the chatbot continue the conversation. So try encouraging users to respond in auto replies. 
  3. If the user responds, we can determine the chatbot’s further answers. We have various chatbot blocks to choose from
Promocja chatbota - autoodpowiedzi na Facebooku
Creating auto replies – step by step

“Discover” the Chatbot for Users

The Discover Tab is available on the mobile Messenger version and it’s one of those places where you should go right after releasing a new chatbot. Discover Tab is where people can browse and find brands to message. It’s also a place where you can effectively promote your chatbot for free. To add your chatbot to the Discover Tab, take the following steps:

  1. Go into the Pages Settings and choose the Messenger Platform tab.
  2. Scroll down – almost at the bottom of the website, you’ll find Discover Settings.
promocja chatbota w zakładce
How to add a chatbot to the Messenger Discover tab
  1. Click on Set Up and fill out the form – enter keywords or a short description, which will help users find your chatbot.
Messenger Discover Tab – form sections
  1. Submit the form. It should be accepted within a few days. 
Semilac w zakładce
Semilac in the Messenger Discover Tab

Whether your chatbot will appear in a user’s Discover section depends on many aspects, including:

  • the attractiveness of chatbot subscriptions,
  • the average time a user interacts with the chatbot – the longer he uses it, the better,
  • the number of people who use the chatbot regularly,
  • low opt-out rate – don’t spam everyone to gain precisely-targeted users,
  • contests, quizzes, votes – users love contests, they gladly sign up for contest notifications and share them on groups or with their friends.
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Promote your Chatbot Offline

The Internet opens up amazing marketing possibilities. But don’t be limited by just online promotion. After all, you can find potential clients on beaches, trade fairs, or at home when they’re watching TV.  With the help of links, simple messages, or Messenger Codes, you can lure them with: 

  • prizes (enter the chatbot, solve a quiz, win a limited edition nail polish or a boat trip), 
  • good entertainment (go into the chatbot and vote which song will be aired on TV– the current results are displayed live on the screen!).
Promocja chatbotów przy użyciu Messenger Codes
Offline chatbot promotion

Remember to make the user experience seamless, especially when users open your chatbot for their first time. Design a user path that will guide people step by step. After they click on a link or scan a QR code, tell them what they should do to find what they need. When users take the bait, don’t leave them alone. Offer them to try out other features of the chatbot.

Use Media to Build Outreach

If your chatbot is one of a kind, has unique features no other chatbot offers, and if it isn’t just an improved copy of already existing solutions, don’t hesitate to inform the media.

Brands we cooperate with often try to get away from this type of promotion, explaining that chatbots are only a small part of their everyday marketing communication. Remember that chatbots are still relatively new tools on the market. An average Messenger user has to know how to use them, what they’re for, and so on. So the key is to educate. No matter whether your chatbot is used in tourism, banking, or media, show its unique features to users. They can be surprised by the range of its possibilities. 

It’s always a good idea for brands to contact media whenever they start their journey with chatbots or when they later want to show them to the public. This allows companies to stand out from their competition and build outreach. 

Promocja chatbotów przy użyciu chatbotów - Zieleniec SKI Arena
Media relations in chatbot promotion – Zieleniec SKI Arena
Promocja chatbotów przy użyciu chatbotów - Semilac
Media relations in chatbot promotion – Semilac

Who knows, maybe your chatbot will attract media attention? ?

Promocja chatbota w telewizji - Port Lotniczy Wrocław
TVP3 Wroclaw broadcasting the launching of the Wroclaw Airport chatbot

Organize a Contest or Quiz

Nothing spikes the interest of social media users more than a good contest. Find out how chatbot contests can look like and how effective they can be. And after you decide to hold one, remember to offer a pushletter subscription whenever you create ads or posts. It may appear at the beginning of the user path (which can be quite risky) or at the end, within 24 h since a user’s last interaction with the chatbot. Remember that it can’t be offered to users who already have signed up for the pushletter.

Promocja chatbota przy wykorzystaniu konkursu
Chatbot promotion with the help of an online contest

Paid Online Chatbot Promotion

You have a head start if you have already planned a budget for your chatbot promotion. Use paid media, but don’t go in the direction of “image campaigns”. If your chatbot performs specific tasks in the context of marketing activities (for example, if you’re using it to hold contests, generate leads, sell products), try to direct some part of the user traffic to your chatbot.

Click-to-messenger Facebook ads

I strongly recommend this method of promotion. You can use the Send Message button to automatically direct users to Messenger. In other words, you can direct users to specific chatbot blocks after they click on your ad and start a conversation. The best way to add click-to-messenger ads is to do it with JSON, which is generated for clients on our platform. JSON reduces the risk that Facebook sends default messages (downloaded from the pages settings) when the chatbot starts a conversation.

Facebook provides excellent tips on how to improve click-to-messenger campaigns.

promocja chatbota z wykorzystaniem reklam na Facebooku
Chatbot promotion with Facebook ads

Messenger Ads

Besides Facebook ads, you can also display ads directly in Messenger. Thanks to this, you can promote your chatbot not only within the Facebook ecosystem but also on the very messaging app. The major advantage of Messenger ads is that it’s hard not to notice them ? Especially when they’re illustrated with attractive graphics that are consistent with your brand image and chatbot content. They also have another advantage – there is a small competition, so there’s a high probability that you’ll reach more customers. However, I wouldn’t advise “aggressive” advertising inside Messenger. Users are continuously bombarded by ads, so be careful ? 

Just like with click-to-messenger ads, Facebook prepared valuable tips on Messenger ads.

Promocja chatbota dzięki Messenger ads
Example of a Messenger ad

Don’t Avoid Chatbot Promotion

Start with a plan an devote some time to implement it. And don’t save it till the last minute ? Without regularity and consistency, you can’t expect to have a growing number of users and loyal customers. Bots on Messenger or other messaging apps are great tools that help you achieve marketing goals, and much more. But only under the condition that you don’t treat them as simple “tech gadgets” and unlock their full potential.