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KODA Bots platform enhances capabilities of web-based chatbots and voice bots

KODA Bots platform enhances capabilities of web-based chatbots and voice bots

Ola Bilińska 09.12.2020
Ola Bilińska

Automated communication continues to grow. It is slowly becoming a standard solution for effective management of customer expectations in basically all touch points with the brand. Messenger-based chatbots have introduced many businesses to the world of automation. When the market started to learn about the chatbot technology, applications that everyone is familiar with, ready-made formats and templates put together into one structure were a good warm-up to see the opportunities offered by the new way of communication. 

However, undeniable benefits that at the beginning facilitated designing new solutions, slowly started to turn into obstacles. Automation was used not only for simple campaign or competition purposes, but it more and more often had to go beyond their rigid frames. In order to respond to new needs of current and future customers, we are becoming increasingly dependent on external technology suppliers. One of the next stages is the expansion of our own product that allows to create chatbots (and voice bots) for websites and mobile applications. As a result, the KODA Bots platform allows to customize new communication channels to customers’ needs. 

What more can we offer as far as the new generation of chatbots and voice bots is concerned in 2021? Here we go:

  • Voice solutions– increasingly popular in the world that does not slow down. If you want to give your customers an opportunity of an interaction in a voice conversation, a web chatbot, or rather a voice bot, is a perfect solution. Together we construct a scenario that best meets your objectives and is as user friendly as possible. We choose a specific voice your customers will hear. All conversations are delivered to you email inbox, so that we can optimize and develop the project further on. This is also a great solution to help the disabled, as voice interactions may significantly facilitate their communication with your company.
  • Bots in mobile apps – do you have your own app and your clients sometimes need assistance? You can extend your Facebook communication platform, so that all actions are performed from one place. We provide you with a native software developer kit (SKD) for both Android and iOS, thanks to which adding a chat to a mobile application takes a few moments only.
  • Unconventionality – 80 characters in a carousel message, 20 on a button and the only right horizontal scroll format for the carousel content. All this at times hinders displaying subsequent messages to users. Of course, if such a format proves to be the best for you, we can use it. But what if it doesn’t? For a web chatbot it is no problem – we can customize it to your needs for the best possible results.
  • Advanced analytics – creating a chatbot is important, but drawing conclusions from its performance is even more important. After all, it has been designed for a purpose. Thanks to connecting the chatbot with the analytic tools on your website, you can track all data valuable for you and none of it goes through Facebook.
  • Simple management – a change of chatbot content in a mobile application or a voice communicator takes a few seconds. And it is up to you how the responsibilities in chatbot management are distributed. If you just want it, we can give you a dedicated panel that dozens of our clients are already using. It has evolved over the past few years thanks to our active cooperation with clients from various departments and industries, and has been customized to different user needs.
  • Full personalization – apart from the complete independence of templates, we offer you a configuration tool to customize the appearance of the chatbot to your preference. Do you need a multilingual chatbot? No problem – it takes a few steps only to adapt all messages to any language of your choice. No more necessary code updates after every minor change to chatbot’s configuration. You choose colours of individual elements, change button names, update messages inviting to a conversation, etc. One click and all modifications are saved. No IT involved.
Web widget configuration. Source: KODA Bots platform

A conversation between a brand and a user does not have to be limited to a specific messaging service. Thanks to web-based chatbots, you are free to choose where your automated communication service is anchored. This makes them not only suitable for both external and internal communication, but also ensures flexibility while designing and improving selected functions.