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Ready-made chatbot vs. Enterprise: 5 automation myths debunked

Ready-made chatbot vs. Enterprise: 5 automation myths debunked

KODA Bots 23.07.2020

A platform with bots having conversations with users, supporting several company channels at the same time, downloading additional information from external databases; and all of this can be easily managed and updated… Sounds like a few months of implementing and several hundreds of thousands out of your pocket? Yet sudden traffic spikes, repeated inquiries, or customers looking for help outside the working hours seem to present challenges not only for call centers, large banks or international hotel chains. 

Online stores, law firms or pizza chain restaurants get a lot of similar emails, calls or messages on Messenger every day. Once the decision is made – yes, we automate – a new dilemma arises: buy a ready-made chatbot or implement a platform for automation? The first option is “fast and cheap.” The second one seems to be a long and expensive process for large organizations. Is it really so? We debunk five myths about automation.


Myth 1: “Chatbot on the Enterprise platform will be too expensive”

This is the first myth about automation. At first glance, box licenses have friendly prices. Given the efficiency of the solution, however, it may turn out that the optimization and handling costs will get out of control. 

The costs of chatbots on the Enterprise platform are adjusted to the business needs and size. They range from a few to several thousand zlotys. They depend, for example, on the implementation type or the number of channels selected for a given objective.


Myth 2: “IT department needs to be involved” 

The Enterprise platform is designed so that the bots can be enhanced at any time: updated as needed or connected to further data sources with little client-side resources. This makes it quicker and easier to tailor the bot to users’ needs, and its effectiveness increase. 


Myth 3: “There is too little traffic on our website”

As many (or few) as 100 quality users on the site is a reason good enough to invest in automatic communication tools on the platform. Quality users mean those who interact, ask about prices, terms or conditions. 

The bots will immediately respond to the user interaction need: they will solve the issues, redirect to the appropriate CS specialist, or help to choose the product. And this improves the performance not only of tycoons, but of every organization. 


Myth 4: “We will need months of development and testing”

Implementing a bot on the platform takes the same time as a “ready-made” solution. For example, the chatbot for Wroclaw, which provided reliable and verified information about the coronavirus, had been developed in just a few days. 

The Enterprise platform allows for automatic implementation of additional integrations such as data collection forms or contest modules, so that the bot works even more effectively to satisfy users and achieve its goals. With no months of waiting.


Myth 5: “Chatbot is a solution for one channel” 

Recently, the market has opened up greatly to automation through text bots on Messenger. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Application, website, hotline… the customer interacts with the company or organization at different points. Every time they have different needs, questions, issues to be solved. 

Voicebots and chatbots properly suited to the channel support comprehensive communication. They automate selected areas, increase the efficiency and speed of processes both on the company and user sides. The Enterprise platform enables developing and managing them from single location.

Chatbot tailored for your needs

You already know that chatbot doesn’t have to be associated only with one channel, and most of the work requires little resources on your part. 

If you’re looking for a secure solution that’s easy to manage, the Enterprise platform definitely outperforms ready-made solutions. Especially if you want the bot not only to improve the communication speed, but above all to work effectively.