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“The Chatbot Is a Big Convenience for Users and It Perfectly Complements MOICO’s Brand Promise”

“The Chatbot Is a Big Convenience for Users and It Perfectly Complements MOICO’s Brand Promise”

Andrzej Gruszka 11.07.2019
Andrzej Gruszka

The MOICO chatbot is a virtual assistant that facilitates customer service. It helps clients choose suitable offers, checks the availability of specific services at given locations, notifies users about promotions, and enables them to quickly report an Internet outage. Because it connects the client panel with specific Messenger accounts, users can check their account balance, current Internet packages, and even download recent invoices.

I’m talking about the chatbot with Wiktor Pastucha, CEO of Wills Integrated, an integrated marketing agency that works for MOICO.  

Andrzej Gruszka: When did you become interested in chatbots?

Wiktor Pastucha: Ever since MOICO came into existence, I’ve focused on improving customer service so that users could contact our company as quickly and comfortably as possible. We searched for a tool that would make client communication even more efficient. We considered implementing a chatbot from the very moment we’ve learned that it automates certain client communication processes – especially when it comes to shortening the response time, no matter at what time clients decide to contact us. We started to search for a company that would help us implement such a solution and, at the same time, understand the specific nature of MOICO.

AG: What convinced you to use a chatbot in the communication of MOICO? 

WP: MOICO’s clients got used to the fact that they receive information „on demand”, no matter whether they contact us at 1 AM on a Saturday or at 6 AM on a Monday. An Internet service provider has to be available 24/7 to give clients the information they need. As you know, it’s very difficult to provide constant customer service on all communication channels. But we noticed that many questions revolved around specific subjects, which we could categorize. Thanks to this, we could automate sending answers. The following two elements were crucial for us: we wanted to obtain information from clients as quickly as possible and speed up customer service processes. As you can see, this gives us a win-win situation.

AG: How did you prepare yourselves for the development of the chatbot?

WP: Wills Integrated, together with teams from MOICO and KODA Bots, started with defining the necessary chatbot functionalities. Besides automating responses to client questions, MOICO also wanted users to be able to log into the client panel through Messenger. This, in turn, would allow them to download invoices, verify their payment balance, or register a new device for Internet access. We also wanted users to be able to check MOICO’s signal strength through our chatbot. That’s why we had to connect MOICO’s database with KODA Bots’ system and Messenger. Apart from this, we selected hundreds of FAQs and prepared answers in cooperation with MOICO’s Customer Service. Thanks to system integrations and a wide variety of FAQs, users can now easily get the information they need – they can find everything in one place. The chatbot is a big convenience for users and it perfectly complements MOICO’s brand promise.

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AG: What is your favourite chatbot functionality? 

WP: I think that the biggest achievement is the database integration because it opens up many possibilities. What I also find interesting is that users can easily check their Internet connection. If MOICO can’t connect a given house to its Internet network, the user will be saved in the database and then, as soon as possible, he’ll be informed about this on Messenger. This is significant for the brand, as such users imply real and often very valuable sales leads. But, to be honest, it’s hard for me to choose a favorite feature – all functionalities have been well thought-out and are very important for MOICO.

AG: How did you inform users about MOICO’s new virtual assistant? 

WP: First, we quietly launched the chatbot to test it in real-life communication. After two weeks of testing, we moved on to the “Urban Jungle” – a game in which our chatbot played a major role. After users write “I wanna play a game”, they get access to the first task. The winners of the two-week challenge can win attractive prizes, including an iPhone X. We decided that a game would be the best way to inform users about MOICO’s new communication tool.

AG: What do users most often ask about? 

WP: They usually use the client panel and ask about the availability of services and the possibility of combining Internet and TV packages. These were the most popular functionalities during the first weeks of the chatbot’s existence.

AG: Have you come to any conclusions?

WP: Right now, I can draw two conclusions. We can already see that the chatbot can solve many user problems without a moderator’s intervention, which is a huge time-saver. Users aren’t afraid of contacting MOICObot. They appreciate how fast they can receive information and how easy the tool is to use. The only thing we have to do now is to make regular improvements and work on the development of further functionalities.

AG: How will MOICObot surprise us in the nearest future?  

WP: We’ll keep you updated on any latest developments. For our Wroclaw clients, we’ve already created the previously mentioned “Urban Jungle” game. It was quite a surprise because no one has ever promoted a chatbot in Poland this way before. To see it for yourself, just write “I wanna play a game” ?

AG: Why did you choose KODA Bots instead of other, for instance, free chatbot building platforms?

A chatbot brings a high value added. To achieve this, we have to be well acquainted with the tool and with the business in which it’s used. It’s necessary to have a partner who will provide his own technology, guarantee successful implementation, have a professional approach, understand our company, brand, and suggest effective solutions. I’m sure that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve such results if we had tried to create MOICObot on our own. Our cooperation with KODA Bots was and still is a prerequisite for making our project successful.