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“The Chatbot Makes Our Customer Service Even Better”

“The Chatbot Makes Our Customer Service Even Better”

Andrzej Gruszka 09.10.2019
Andrzej Gruszka

Limango’s chatbot automatically answers frequently asked questions. What’s more, with only a couple of clicks, users can filter items by category, gender, type of clothing, price, and then get directed to specific sections from the Outlet page. The chatbot also sends push notifications to those who are interested in specific products. 

I’m talking about the chatbot with Zuzanna Jędrzejewska-Rudnicka, Brand Communication Specialist at Limango Poland. 

Andrzej Gruszka: When did you become interested in chatbots? 

Zuzanna Jędrzejewska: In my everyday work, I always try to be up-to-date with current industry trends – including social media as well as communication ideas implemented by other companies. I noticed that more and more brands use chatbots for client communication. In the beginning, I didn’t really think that a virtual assistant will be a perfect solution for our brand. But even though it took a while to create the limango chatbot, it was definitely worth it.

AG: What convinced you to use this tool to communicate with limango customers?

ZJ-R:  I think that everything started with a good idea. In February 2019, I was informed that our brand is going to implement a chatbot. When it turned out that I’ll be responsible for leading the project, I was very excited.

One of the major advantages of using a chatbot in our communication is that we can save a great deal of time. We receive a large number of questions on our fan page every day, especially during our top marketing campaigns. Thanks to the chatbot, FAQs get immediately answered and we can work more efficiently.

Another advantage is that the chatbot offers a wide scope of features – we noticed that it can also serve as a virtual customer assistant.

AG: How did you prepare yourselves for the chatbot design and development? 

ZJ-R: At first, together with the limango Customer Service department, we created a list of  questions that get frequently asked on the brand’s Facebook fan page. Then, we divided them into the following categories: how the shopping club works, how to make orders, complaints, and return products.

The second step was to create a page where we’d display our Outlet’s current product offer. On the one hand, users can comfortably choose categories they’re interested in, like women’s shoes, men’s shirts, or children’s jackets. On the other hand, they can use a virtual assistant in one of the most popular categories – children’s shoes. Based on the filters they’ve used – like the type of shoe, child’s gender, price – users receive product propositions on Messenger. This is a very useful option, frequently chosen by our clients.

With the help of KODA Bots, we continue to develop our chatbot – we work on expanding the FAQ section and the database of users who want to receive push notifications about our top campaigns. We also inform customers about the best product promotions at limango. We constantly work on improving our chatbot and come up with new ideas.

AG: What is your favorite chatbot feature?  

ZJ-R: I think that all features are interesting but what I like the most is that more and more users want to sign up for notifications. Smartphones are an inseparable part of our daily lives and Messenger’s popularity is increasing, so I think that our chatbot is a perfect answer to the needs of our clients.

AG: How did you inform users about limango’s new virtual assistant? 

ZJ-R: We mainly used our social media channels. We focused not only on organic but also on paid traffic. We also used newsletters to spread the news about our chatbot. From time to time, we tell new limango followers about our chatbot, which usually brings us even more users.

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AG: What do users most often ask about? 

ZJ-R: They mostly ask about issues strictly related to making orders, our product offer and delivery. We noticed that in many cases, the chatbot became the first point of contact. With automatic replies, we can also make our communication more effective.

AG: What conclusions can you draw after the chatbot’s deployment?

ZJ-R: The chatbot quickly helps us solve many issues – as a moderator, I usually don’t have to get involved in the conversation in order to provide users with answers to their questions. I also noticed that you have to constantly monitor and optimize your chatbot so that it could always meet the needs and expectations of clients.

AG: The limango chatbot is already writing its own story. How will it surprise us in the upcoming months?

ZJ-R: We’ll definitely focus on development – we still want to search for new ways to present our products and we also want our tool to be simple, functional, and easy to use. We believe that every new feature will improve our communication with customers. 

AG: Why did you choose KODA Bots and not, for example, a free chatbot building platform?

ZJ-R: At limango we focus on professional customer service, so we want our tools to be fully useful and functional to our customers. The KODA Bots team convinced us with its extensive experience in chatbot design. From the very beginning, they were very engaged in the project, not only from the creative but also technical perspective. We know we can always count on their support and that every solution they come up with will be properly implemented. We definitely want to continue our cooperation because we know that our chatbot is in the right hands.