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“The Komputronik Chatbot Is a Perfect Tool to Communicate with Our Clients”

“The Komputronik Chatbot Is a Perfect Tool to Communicate with Our Clients”

Andrzej Gruszka 16.10.2019
Andrzej Gruszka

Komputronik’s chatbot can be used for both customer service and marketing activities. It’s one of the most important communication channels of the brand. Clients can contact it to receive answers and advice at any time of day. The chatbot also sends invitations and encourages users to participate in contests held by the brand. 

I’m talking about the chatbot with Daria Kowalczyk, E-Commerce Project Manager at Komputronik. 

Andrzej Gruszka: When did you become interested in chatbots?

Daria Kowalczyk: Chatbots caught my attention with their strong presence in the virtual marketing world. I’ve been carefully observing their growing popularity, especially in the area of communication in e-commerce – something I deal with on an everyday basis.

AG: What convinced you to use this tool to communicate with Komputronik’s clients?

DK: I wanted to give our clients the possibility to contact our company at any time of day and week. I also didn’t want the chatbot to cause any confusion during conversations. I focused mainly on these things because we live in a world where it’s a common practice to automate brand communication. Komputronik’s chatbot not only improves customer service but also gives us room for marketing activities. We can, for instance, inform clients about new products and discounts. What makes chatbots stand out from other communication tools is the wide scope of functionalities they offer. They can be used in so many different and surprising ways. Chatbots are a perfect solution when it comes to communication with clients and marketing activities. They allow us to improve our daily communication with the customers of Komputronik.

AG: How did you prepare yourselves for the chatbot design and development? 

DK: Together with the KODA Bots team, we prepared a plan of action and defined the key functionalities the chatbot should have. After building the chatbot, we moved on to testing to see how well it performs and to define the next development steps. Apart from answering FAQs and locating the nearest Komputronik stores, we also wanted the chatbot to inform users about their order and complaint status. Besides this, we decided to add a special box with product promotions. During specific holiday seasons, we also provide a special feature that helps users find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. What users also enjoy are contests regularly held in the chatbot.

AG: What is your favorite chatbot functionality?  

DK: Definitely seasonal gifts because it’s simple and effective. On the basis of only a couple of questions, the chatbot is able to select and suggest ideas for presents. The seasonal gifts functionality will be back next Christmas and I already can’t wait ?

AG: How did you inform users about Komputronik’s new virtual assistant? 

DK: We didn’t want to spread the news straight away. Instead, we wanted to put our solution into practice, test the chatbot in a smaller group to demonstrate our proof of concept. We wanted to see how well the chatbot communicates with users because this would allow us to obtain feedback and make improvements, if necessary. After this, we decided it was the best moment to hold the first contest in the chatbot, so we promoted it on social media channels. The reaction of users was very positive. That’s why any time we perform social media activities, we let people know about the chatbot.

AG: What do users most often ask about? 

DK: Users often check the current promotions and newest product releases. Actually, most of the questions our chatbot answers are connected to these topics.

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AG: What conclusions can you draw after the chatbot’s deployment?

DK: Chatbots can be used for practically anything if they answer the needs of users. They’re a great option in the case of customer service when clients use Messenger to contact your brand. They’re also perfect marketing tools if you want to attract the attention of clients, send them personalized messages, and increase brand engagement. Chatbots also have a positive effect on your sales and give you a lot of interesting information about users. They can be used for multiple purposes. But we should remember not to exaggerate because the saying “a jack of all trades is a master of none” can turn out to be true.

AG: The Komputronik chatbot is already writing its own story. How will it surprise us in the upcoming months?

DK: I don’t want to reveal all the details. Right now, the development of the chatbot is our priority. I’ve already mentioned about the seasonal gifts but I can’t tell you more about our plans. We’d like to surprise not only our followers and clients but also our competition ? 

AG: Why did you choose KODA Bots and not, for example, a free chatbot building platform?

DK: Considering the scale of our business, we can’t afford to make mistakes. We searched for a reliable partner who specializes in chatbots, provides efficient technology, practical advice, and technical support. Up to now, we’ve managed to implement all our ideas. And KODA Bota has never let us down. That’s why we continue our cooperation and work on the  development of the Komputronik chatbot.

Daria Kowalczyk – an experienced Project Manager, she has worked for Komputronik for nearly 4 years and has been in the e-commerce industry for 9 years. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University. She is passionate about marketing and analytics. Testing and implementing new communication tools is a part of her everyday life.