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“Today We Think of the Chatbot as a New Member of Our Team.”

“Today We Think of the Chatbot as a New Member of Our Team.”

Andrzej Gruszka 01.12.2019
Andrzej Gruszka

Contrain Employment Agency automated its communication with job applicants. For this purpose, they “hired” a chatbot named Conrad. Contrain’s virtual assistant has three basic features: it answers frequently asked questions, enables users to search for job offers, and apply for chosen positions.

I’m talking with Marta Wiśniewska, Marketing & Employer Branding Manager at Contrain Employment Agency.

Andrzej Gruszka: When did you get interested in chatbot-automated communication?

Marta Wiśniewska: The moment I noticed that our marketing team and the recruitment department, with which we work closely together, were spending more and more time on doing simple, repetitive tasks. We needed support in this area and we didn’t necessarily think about hiring new employees.

AG: What really convinced you to use a system that automates communication with people who are looking for a job through Contrain?

MW: We already had previous experience with a similar tool, so we didn’t really have to be convinced to implement a new communication system. We knew what benefits it would bring and how it would improve our workflow. 

AG: How did you prepare and develop your chatbot in KODA Bots’ automated communication system?

MW: To be honest, we’re constantly working on this. Implementing a chatbot is a project that requires continuous development and improvements. The implementation process consisted of two steps. First, during in-house meetings, we defined our expectations towards the new tool and came up with ideas. Then, during our cooperation with your team, we moved on to the production stage. After this, the only things left were improvements and the final implementation. The chatbot has been working for two weeks now, and we’re still working out the details of its further functionalities and generating new ideas for its development.

AG: What’s your favorite feature of the chatbot?

MW: The most favorite feature of the whole marketing team is the chatbot’s ability to automatically reply to comments. Thanks to this, the team has fewer tasks to do and appreciates work even more ?

AG: How did you come up with Conrad – Contrain’s chatbot persona?

MW: We wanted to personalize our bot to make the Applicant-Employer interaction a bit more natural. But the idea for Conrad emerged thanks to a contest we held inside our company. The virtual assistant would help users select a job offer or answer questions related to working abroad. Conrad is the winning idea of the Head of our Recruitment Department. Today we think of the chatbot as a new member of our team.

AG: How did you inform your users about the new Contrain chatbot?

MW: They learned about it from communication channels where our chatbot is present –

from our website and Facebook profile. Since the moment we implemented the chatbot, we’ve run several promotional campaigns that encouraged users to start a conversation with Conrad. And we’re still planning more.

AG: What do users most often ask about?

MW: The questions our applicants ask are usually very similar. Because they’re interested in job offers, they most often ask about the salary, terms of employment, and the details of job positions. Thanks to such a large number of repeating questions, we equipped our chatbot with a FAQ section. This is a major convenience both for us and our users.

AG: What conclusions can you draw after working with the chatbot and KODA Bots automated communication system?

MW: We should let robots do the things that bore and don’t develop our employees ?

AG: Conrad is already writing his history. How will he surprise us in the upcoming months?

MW: We’re planning Conrad to provide advice not only for our applicants but also our employees. There are also many areas within the Employer-Employee communication we want to (and know we can) automate. We have ideas, the only thing that’s left is their implementation.

AG: Why did you choose KODA Bots and not, for instance, free chatbot building platforms?

MW: We looked for a partner with whom we could establish a long-term cooperation, develop and implement ideas together. We wanted to cooperate with an experienced company because we can’t afford to use a trial and error method in our communication with applicants. We also searched for such a model of cooperation where we could work with people who’d provide help and support at any moment. And that’s what free chatbot building platforms do not offer. 

AG: Thank you for the interview.

MW: Thank you too.