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Travel Chatbot – a Revolution in Customer Service

Travel Chatbot – a Revolution in Customer Service

Andrzej Gruszka 08.08.2019
Andrzej Gruszka

Tourism is one of the fastest developing industries in the world, mainly because traveling becomes more and more accessible. An average tourist has limitless possibilities of choosing travel destinations and means of transport. And this means increased competition. To fight for customers, you need tools that’ll make you stand out, improve customer service, and increase sales. The perfect solution is a travel chatbot. Let me show you why.

Why are chatbots so effective in the tourism industry?

Chatbots are desirable solutions in many different industries, including tourism. Digital solutions have been present for over a decade in this industry. This is evidenced by the growing number of online travel agencies, flight and hotel search engines, and so on. The rising popularity of travel chatbots is another step in this ongoing digital transformation. 

Chatbots will shorten the torturous path of travel organization whenever it requires detailed planning, countless emails, meetings with travel agencies, airline and hotel staff, tour operators, and so on.

Chatbots are used mainly to improve certain processes inside travel agencies, to relieve the burden of performing repetitive tasks. They offer personalized content based on user preferences, answer FAQs, they even accept and make online reservations.

And even if it happens that a chatbot isn’t able to give an answer, it can easily direct the question to a moderator.

Let’s remember that buying online is getting more and more popular and that less and less people break up with their smartphones. In the case of online travel organization, we usually use a wide range of tourist websites and apps. With the help of a chatbot on Messenger (or any other messaging app), we can simplify this process by bringing all the necessary information into one place – an app most people know and like to use.

58% of users feel more confident when they send messages instead of contacting a company by phone.  

Clients prefer chatbots when they have to contact a company

Travel chatbot – what can it do for your company?

Before they make a trip reservation, tourists visit several to several dozens of different websites. By lowering this number, we’ll help users organize their trips. 

1. It will save time

Travel agencies, as well as hotel and airline staff, have to deal with frequently asked questions. Answering them unnecessarily slows down customer service.

Chatbots can easily solve this issue. They enable customer service employees to focus on more complicated problems and tasks that actually require human intervention. Being relieved of the burden of repetitive, time-consuming tasks is also an extra motivation for workers, which increases their productivity.

It’s worth noting that higher performance and faster response time are great not only for travel service providers but also for their clients.

2. It will encourage and personalize communication

Travel chatbots work all year round, 24h a day. Because they’re constantly available, clients are able to quickly solve their problems. Chatbots will improve customer service in practically every industry, including tourism. This is of special priority because people always want to receive an immediate response, especially when they’re traveling between different time zones.

Chatbots are useful tools that provide services on demand. This shows clients that the travel agency cares about their comfort and safety. Chatbots automatically increase customer engagement. They’re a much better option than asking clients to fill out long statistical surveys with a limited number of questions and answers.

Customization, which is written in the DNA of chatbots, effectively increases user engagement. Chatbots identify specific key phrases inside client questions and use them to provide answers. This only strengthens the idea of a chatbot as a “personal assistant”.

Travel chatbots will serve as a personalized source of information. They will show you the nearby hotels, restaurants, or other attractions. With a couple of simple questions, they will find out what users need during their travel and make specific suggestions. Based on the clients’ preferences, budget, and target destination, they’ll automatically find options suited to their needs. 

3. It will provide important information

From the client’s perspective, access to the chatbot conversation history significantly increases user comfort. From the business perspective, this tool is a valuable source of information about users – it offers insight into their shopping history, experience, positive and negative opinions, and so on.

Travel companies can use this data in a number of ways. They can personalize recommendations on the basis of their former interactions with clients and even adjust marketing content to specific users. What’s more, conclusions drawn from this data will help predict the future behavior and intentions of clients.  

In more general terms, chatbots enable you to do market research because they generate qualitative data. Thanks to this, you can make many significant improvements in the offered travel services and even introduce new travel offers, better suited to the needs of your clients.

4. It will improve your financial results

Remember that Millennials – most probably the most important target group in the tourism industry – like to use chatbots. After all, a well-designed chatbot can quickly bring users from looking at travel offers straight to a conversation! That’s quite an effective way to generate income.

Chatbots allow travel agencies to lower customer service costs. In the first stage, we’re able to automate answering 30%-50% of frequently asked questions. During the first 6 months of a chatbot’s existence, the level of automation steadily increases even up to 80%. This is the perfect moment to start planning your savings ?

69% of consumers prefer chatbots when they want to quickly contact brands.

We prefer chatbots than contact by phone

Travel chatbot examples

1. Wroclaw Airport chatbot

It finds flight connections, informs passengers about their flight status, directs clients to the nearby transport or parking spots, helps them find shops and restaurants at the airport. It knows answers to hundreds of questions and it never stops learning. You can choose two language options: enter “Port Lotniczy Wrocław” if you want to talk in Polish or “Wroclaw Airport” if you prefer English. Wroclaw Airport was the first airport in Poland to implement this innovative solution. 

What’s important is that the chatbot makes it easy to plan your travel because it’s integrated with Skyscanner, a popular flight search engine.


This is an innovative solution. Up to now, only several European airports have adopted it. It’s worth noticing that, in comparison to other bots, our chatbot provides much more advanced functionalities. Especially when it comes to searching for the best flight connections. 

Dariusz Kuś, President of the Wroclaw Airport Management Board

Chatbot turystyczny Portu Lotniczego Wrocław
Travel chatbot – Wroclaw Airport

2. chatbot

We named our chatbot Mr. Suitcase. He helps clients find the best trips and destinations offered by the biggest travel agencies, like TUI, Itaka, or Coral Travel. Most of all, he saves the company a lot of time, helps in travel organization, and suggests customers interesting places to visit. And this is all possible by using the most popular and favorite messaging app. You can start a conversation with the chatbot directly on Messenger or the fan page.


Most of all, this solution is a great convenience for users. A short conversation allows them to verify the current prices and choose the best hotel. A moment after users start a conversation with Mr. Suitcase, travel offers are already displayed on their screen. By clicking on windows displayed in Messenger, clients can further specify or modify the results according to their needs.  

Radosław Damasiewicz, Marketing and Ecommerce Director at

Chatbot w turystyce -
Travel chatbot –
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3. Unity Line chatbot 

Instead of calling a helpline, clients can immediately contact the chatbot to receive personalized suggestions that will help them plan and decide about specific aspects of their travel. Olaffson – Unity Line’s chatbot – not only provides answers to FAQs but also makes it easy for users to search for the price list, timetable, or travel offer on the websites of specific tour operators.

Clients can also use the chatbot to sign up for a subscription. They’ll receive a pushletter categorized according to their preferences and chosen options. Another useful functionality is the possibility to sign up for special notifications that will inform passengers about bad weather conditions or any trip difficulties.


We decided to use a chatbot because it’s a tool that allows passengers to quickly find what they need. Besides this, it’s much less stressful because a short conversation is enough to gather all the necessary information.

Maciej Grad, Marketing Specialist at Unity Line

Chatbot w turystyce - Unity Line
Travel chatbot – Unity Line

Travel chatbot – an employee who never gets tired

Chatbots improve the quality of customer service, increasing the brand engagement of users. They are much more efficient than regular staff when it comes to answering FAQs. They also serve as a valuable and neverending source of consumer data and are a perfect solution from the perspective of growing savings and generating profits.

Considering the enormous amount of information Internet users are exposed to, personalization is a valued feature. Chatbots, without any signs of irritation caused by client indecisiveness, effectively perform their tasks. You can be sure that someone will always answer questions in a professional way for a fraction of the cost. Clients will be satisfied with personalized communication that will help them plan their vacation or business trips.

Now that you know how valuable chatbots can be in the tourism industry, we’ve got good news for you. We’ll gladly help you implement a solution tailored to the needs of your company and clients.