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Upgrades on the automation platform. KODA Bots Roadmap

Upgrades on the automation platform. KODA Bots Roadmap

Mariusz Pełechaty 04.06.2020
Mariusz Pełechaty

There is no journey without a map to help us determine where we are and to plan the way to our destination. Likewise, there is no technology without a plan to help us meet the expectations of current and future clients. That’s why at KODA Bots we constantly set the direction of our platform development, improving modules and engines, and offering integration with external systems. This takes place behind the scenes. And yet it’s worth sharing with you. What upgrades have we managed to introduce recently? How does the KODA Bots technology roadmap look? What are our plans for the nearest future?

On our platform designed for bots development and management, we implement upgrades both at micro and macro levels. To this end, the opinions of our clients and partners come in handy – their needs, goals set, specifics of their industries and business areas, where bots operate. Each upgrade changes somehow the automation rules of interactions with users. Each one aims at increasing the effectiveness of the solutions developed, improving the ease of conversations management for customer service specialists and enhancing capabilities to meet the needs of chatbots end users. We’ve collected several topics that we’ve had on the table recently. 

Enhanced capabilities of the KODA Bots platform inbox

The inbox of KODA Bots platform is a module, where users-bots conversations from various contact channels – websites chats or IM bots – are delivered. For example, with automating a conversation with clients on Messenger and in the website dialog box, the client can access queries from all channels in one spot, namely the inbox module. 

The module comes with advanced filtering features, e.g. by contact channel (Messenger chatbot or web chatbot). It also allows a CS specialist to intercept the conversation when the matter is more complex or doesn’t fall within the bot’s scope of expertise.  

Recently, we’ve also introduced new features, further improving the working comfort and effectiveness for chat calls specialists. This will also allow for replying more quickly to complex queries from users waiting on the other end of the line. 

The current inbox version forms the necessary basis, which we develop with the focus on our client’s needs and convenience. 

Empowering our own NLP system 

The natural language processing (NLP) system enables voicebots and chatbots to respond adequately to users’ messages. We’ve provided our clients with our proprietary KODA Bots NLP module; giving them more freedom and adjusting replies to recipients (read more on NLP on our blog soon). 

We’ve implemented tools to better control responses sent by the bot to users. We can set a specific response to be displayed only if the user is in a particular bot location.

For example, if a user needs parking information from the airport’s chatbot and has previously asked about departures, the chatbot will show them the parking information relevant for departing passengers.

Our NLP system also captures specific words regardless of their sentence position and depending on the context. For instance, if a bot replies to “Hello” with a specific message, then they will send a different response to an inquiry “Hello, I have a question…” Because we know that context also matters.

Bots on WhatsApp for Business

We’ve also taken a great step towards providing our clients with omnichannel communication. Since February we’ve been developing bots for the most popular IM in the world – WhatsApp. What’s more, we can integrate them with inbox module of KODA Bots platform. This opens the doors for business to centralizing communication with the use of scenarios developed and managed from one spot. And it provides the recipients with faster replies in the chosen place and in the most convenient way.

Technology roadmap of KODA Bots platform

What are further destination points on our roadmap for enterprise chatbots and voicebots? We focus on enhancing tools responsible for their language skills, facilitating the management of users conversations, developing the platform’s analytical panel and on integration with external systems such as voice and CRMs used by companies in their customers interactions. 

You can find the key elements of the technology history and plans of KODA Bots for the nearest future on our Roadmap. Other elements depend on our customers’ needs and the dynamics of their industries. We surely do not lose the momentum. We set off on a journey along with our customers and every new discovery makes it more and more interesting.