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Why should you automate communication inside Workplace by Facebook?

Why should you automate communication inside Workplace by Facebook?

Andrzej Gruszka 12.02.2020
Andrzej Gruszka

If you’re looking for a new way to connect your employees via a social network, Facebook by Workplace has a ready-to-use tool that offers many features, which enable the automation of communication processes. The platform opens up entirely new possibilities of work optimization and allows you to contact employees with the help of a chatbot.


What is Workplace by Facebook?

It’s a communication tool designed for companies that Facebook launched on its platform in 2016. It serves as an internal social network and is already used by over 30,000 companies from various industries.

To access the Workplace by Facebook platform, you don’t have to have a personal account. Thanks to this, employees who don’t have a Facebook profile can easily log into the platform.

All the basic functions are free. The Premium version offers more advanced administration and integration tools. The monthly cost depends on the number of users.


The features of Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is a tool designed for professionals but based on primary Facebook functions. The tool offers all the solutions necessary to organize and manage a company social network: 

  • connection of users through contact invitations,
  • immediate communication and response,
  • information sharing,
  • creation of surveys,
  • event announcements.


From the user’s point of view, it allows to:

  • create individual profiles,
  • share information, both within a group and directly with a selected person,
  • work remotely and organize videoconferences,
  • save time because it limits the usage of many other tools to perform various tasks,
  • use on mobile devices thanks to applications designed both for Apple and Android.


From the administrator’s point of view, this simple tool allows to:

  • manage end-user accounts,
  • create communities based on closed groups,
  • communicate between Workplace by Facebook and external applications using an API that is open to over 50 cloud apps,
  • explore how users use the platform with an internal analytical tool, 
  • build an international outreach thanks to over 100 available languages and translation functions.

What’s more, you can avoid additional training for employees who already have Facebook accounts, because Facebook’s social network works very much like this platform.

Automatyzacja komunikacji w Facebook by Workplace
Communication automation on Facebook by Workplace

Automated communication on Workplace by Facebook

Facebook has been supporting Messenger chatbots for several years to improve daily communication between companies and users. Now it also accepts the presence of chatbots on the Facebook by Workplace website and inside the platform’s employee groups.

Thanks to this, the chatbot supports, among others, repetitive communication processes. Simply put, the bot not only answers FAQs in the chat window but also actively participates in the life of the employee community.

Each member can see, tag, and contact the bot by sending messages. The chatbot, on the other hand, can perform actions that depend on assigned admin permissions. Inside a group, the chatbot can post new content, add comments, and even like posts or tag employees to draw their attention. Thanks to group webhook subscription, it has the ability to monitor content and interact with users in a flexible way.

Chatbots on chats, in turn, work best for direct communication. Talking with a bot resembles a conversation on Messenger. The tool works great when you want to send people reminders or notifications based on an upcoming event, such as an interview or a business meeting. During a conversation with the chatbot, users have access to a full menu, quick response buttons, and special templates that can improve user experience on Messenger.


Selected examples of communication automation

1. Administration and HR questions

Implementing a chatbot in Workplace by Facebook improves onboarding processes and the flow of information between HR professionals and new employees. FAQs are automatically answered, for example, the bot can provide new employees with accurate information related to administration, holidays, salaries, etc.

2. Questions directed to the IT team

“What’s the Wi-Fi password?”, “I need a new computer mouse” – these are just a few examples of questions that the chatbot can answer. Thanks to this solution, IT developers can focus on more important projects because they don’t have to waste time on answering repetitive questions that are sent to the CRM system.

3. Organization of events and conferences

Because it’s capable of handling a lot of repetitive questions, using a chatbot in day-to-day communication with employees enables you to easily organize company events. A chatbot can relieve event organizers from sending updates and announcements, opening transmission channels, or evaluating meetings with surveys.


We are automating communication inside Facebook by Workplace

At KODA Bots, we provide full support for these types of projects. We offer our own developed system for automating communication processes, fully integrated with Facebook by Workplace and applications that are used in your company.

Remember that creating a chatbot requires two complementary skills:

  • specialization in the area of user experience design, to adapt the bot to the specific needs of a given company and employees who are going to use it. The chatbot should not only be designed for a specific messaging app. It’s automation mechanisms should also be adapted to internal communication tools used by a company.
  • technical knowledge of specialists that is based on experience in proven software solutions, for example, in the field of natural language processing. It’s also good to have experience in creating internal company communication solutions.

Mind that this is only the beginning because automating communication is an ongoing process that cannot be closed in a single implementation.

If you ever face the choice of implementing an automated communication system inside the Workplace by Facebook platform, consider what functions you’d like your chatbot to have. If you notice that your employees actively communicate in a group, it’s a good idea to build a chatbot that would publish content and respond to comments and post tags. However, if you want to keep your company community informed about specific events or if you see that your employees need direct contact, use a bot to support chat conversations. Remember that one bot works on both channels, so you can always combine these two functions.