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Some of the biggest companies have chosen the KODA Bots technology. Find out more about the projects we’ve carried out together with our clients, using our unique software.

Jeronimo Martins Poland, the largest private employer in Poland, owner of the Biedronka grocery stores - implements our technology. Internal chatbot helps employees get answers to the most repetitive questions. In total, it serves over 67,000 employees.

#customer service #Human Resources

TVN Discovery Poland automates communication with users. The chatbot speeds up and facilitates contact with clients, and relieves consultants of repetitive tasks. It answers all questions related to technical issues, the account, and payment one of the biggest VOD platform in Poland.

#customer service #entertainment #media #television

Chatbot facilitates travel planning and searches for airline connections thanks to integration with the Skyscanner. It allows you to compare prices and immediately buy a ticket for the fly. It sends notifications about the status of flights, finds a transport or parking space, suggests where to shop at the airport or drink coffee.

For the Orbis hotel group, we implemented a unique solution on the chatbot market, called multi-chatbot. All you need is one chatbot, available in many locations, which improves communication with hotel customers on many fan pages at once! Each hotel provides information about reservations, amenities, directions, etc. from

#customer service #hotel #information #tourism

Chatbot TVN24 GO called Julia. It automates customer service and facilitates the work of moderators. It provides critical information about the new facility, explains what it is, how it works and what it receives as part of it, as well as helps in solving any problems encountered when using TVN24 GO.

#customer service #media #news #television

One of the most popular entertainment chatbots in Poland… and the first TV channel chatbot! It integrates website content, mobile app functions and broadcasting system of the station. Our chatbot allows 4FUN marketing team to create contests easier and faster by moving them to Messenger.

Chatbot UNIQUA is a specific signpost for customers to the information they need at the moment. Thanks to the fact that it works on the popular Messenger, it's always at hand. Not only does it improve customer service, but it is a step towards automating the entire process.

#customer service #insurance

A virtual assistant that suggests products from the offer available on the website. It locates the store by entering the city name in the message or quickly gives you location to the nearest shop. The user can sign up for push notifications at any time to get the latest info about promotions and products available in Komputronik stores.

The chatbot allows you to search the offers of all tour operators cooperating with, based on information specified by the user in a conversation. The tool has an extensive database of questions and answers regarding offers and travel.

Voice bot advises, inspires, directs to the nearest point or answers the most frequently asked questions. Semilac voice assistant quickly and effectively helps brand clients in matters related to nail stylization and makeup.

#beauty #brand image #customer service

Chatbot answers the most frequently asked questions. It directs to specific departments on the outlet shop site. User can filter the offer in just a few clicks by the category, gender, clothing type and budget. After that, the chatbot shows a list of results suited to the user.

The chatbot of the Wroclaw ZOO suggests ticket prices, garden opening hours, access, and also answers frequently asked questions. Users can sign up for notifications, which from September allow them to be up to date with e.g., seasonal changes in the garden or the birth of animals.

#customer service #obsługa klienta #rozrywka #tourism #turystyka #news #information

It's a chatbot that supports communication with skiing fans. Thanks to the integration with local weather station, it provides current weather data. It quickly responds to users' questions and is a reliable source of information regarding conditions for skiing, numbers of active slopes and lifts.

The first tourist chatbot in Poland, awarded with the Rose of Regions 2017. A 24-hour, constantly and automatically updated city guide. Fully integrated with the service. Thanks to this, it's a reliable source of information on current events, attractions, hotel and catering facilities.

The Runmageddon chatbot presents a calendar of runs and variants available in each series and allows you to sign up for the term, answers the most frequently asked questions and allows contacting the service office. Volunteers can also sign up for race notifications from the selected city.

#customer service #entertainment #lifestyle #sport

Our chatbot for Żywiec lottery simplifies the process of adding codes (straight from the Messenger). It's always on hand, keeps users coming back and provides answers to the frequently asked questions – about rules, prizes and promotional products that take part in the lottery.

The Heineken lottery consisted of giving in chatbot promotional codes from under the Heineken caps and cotter pins and then giving correct answers a few questions. Chatbot presented information about rules, prizes, and allowed you to accept the regulations and the necessary approvals.

#alcohol #brand image #contest #entertainment

Durex organized a contest and reached for the chatbot, which plays the primary role in it. The contest mechanism was simple. The client had to buy any two products of the brand, kept the receipt, and answered two open questions in the chatbot. Tickets for festivals and headphones awaited the winner.

#lifestyle #contest #entertainment #brand image

We support technologically JoBot24 - a recruitment chatbot, which helps to find a job through Messenger in a maximum of 4 minutes, without sending a CV. Bot conducts preliminary interviews with candidates, during which it maps information usually placed in a traditional CV and recommends tailored offers to connect the candidates with the future employer finally.

#Human Resources

The MOICO chatbot is a 24-hour customer service center ready to answer over 100 questions about the company. It allows, among others, check the availability of the service and adapt it to the user's needs. And it gives the customer full control over the account from Messenger.

#customer service #internet #sales

Chatbot answers questions about orders, returns or promotions. It indicates the nearest shop, and above all - tempts customers with the full store offer available in the chat. It shows news, and after asking a few questions to the user, it helps to choose the perfect products for both women and men.

#customer service #fashion #lifestyle

A chatbot that correctly interpreted 94% of users questions, and in more than a half of the cases, solved their problem by itself. It was a source of latest information regarding ticket availability and concert details.

PEPCO carried out 100% of their contests in our chatbot. They used our module, which enables fast (24h!) launching and managing a contest in the designed panel. Users took part in the competition in a few simple steps, sending their entries (photos, videos or text) straight via Messenger.

We've introduced one of the largest telecommunications networks to the world of chatbots. We showed the capabilities of the tool in the area of ​​customer service, sales support, lead generation or brand offer.

We have created Szerlok (a close relative of English Sherlock) as a fun bot. His chief role is to entertain! He shows a strong passion for guessing who you are thinking of. In his head, he has a solid library of actors, politicians and historical characters. Szerlok knows them all! 

As a part of the new edition of the "Czarna Polana" campaign by the Żubrówka Czarna, the creators raise the issue of technology, social media and surrounding innovations. That is why, among other things, a contest is organized on Messenger chatbot, prepared by us.

A chatbot is an important part of the #zmywamysie campaign. It supports e-commerce activities, presents the brand offer and provides personalized discount codes. The bot promotes knowledge about skin care using quizzes.

Onet Sport chatbot holds simple conversations and provides breaking news about the World Cup. Due to personalization and several options to choose from, users can decide what sports information they want to get – immediately after releasing them on the Onet Sport website.

A chatbot that effectively supports customer service, facilitates contact with the consultant, and after sharing the location, indicates the nearest branch.

Fully integrated with the Home Broker real estate database. It allows you to filter available real estate database offers according to the client expectations and in a few steps helps to find the best-suited offer.