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KODA Bots roadmap

In KODA Bots, we’ve decided that the only way to offer functional and effective Enterprise chatbots and voice bots is to create a proprietary platform for communication automation.That’s how a fully scalable KODA Bots technology has been developed, with its own natural language processing system, and integrated with the largest march-tech suppliers worldwide. This allows our customers to manage automation processes related to sales, customer service, employee acquisition, onboarding, marketing and many more with just one system.Our technology enables integration with any client database or system, internal or external, such as Synerise or Salesforce. We ensure full flexibility of operation and adaptation to new business needs.Here is the technology history of KODA Bots and development plans for the coming months.
Platform 2.0 - upgrade of the KODA operating system platform

The modification features a number of enhancements and optimizations to improve performance and comfort. The enhancements will reduce the time a customer has to spend on operating the chatbot, both when creating it and managing the inbox. 

One of the new options will be a chatbot simulator that demonstrates the chatbot’s capabilities and operation without publishing it. The design and functionalities of the dashboard as well as its loading time will also be optimized. The platform upgrade will additionally come with a new system of available plugins.

Integration with Google BigQuery

BigQuery is a scalable cloud-based data warehouse that enables processing millions of queries and advanced analytics without the need to build and maintain infrastructure. BigQuery is one of the services available in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The implementation of an analytical structure based on Google BigQuery for the analyses performed by our customers means that they will have easy access to the data obtained from chatbots and be able to analyze it freely. What is also important, analytics, producing reports and drawing conclusions based on big data will become even faster and simpler.

Implementation of the Voicebot platform in collaboration with AudioCodes and T Mobile

AudioCodes is an Israeli provider of state-of-the-art communications software and a global leader in voice compression technology; it developed, among other solutions, the ITU G.723.1 standard and VoIPerfect™ technology. 

Following this integration, we can provide end-to-end support and freedom of implementation of the most advanced voicebots for each of our customers. It also enables direct connection with any call center around the world, also by means of your own dedicated pool of phone numbers

Blik payments in messenger - plugin for Wordpress

A highly useful, easy to use and completely free WordPress plugin for all e-commerce websites based on WooCommerce. With KODA’s solution, you automatically implement a bot on your store’s messenger, which allows customers to buy your products and pay for them using Blik. 

The solution will be expanded in collaboration with more online payment operators.

Partnering with Techmo. Voicebots are becoming more and more popular

Techmo is a provider of speech technology and computer-aided natural language processing solutions. Owing to this collaboration, we can offer our customers even better quality of voice-controlled communication automation solutions, and thus increasingly effective and natural-sounding voicebots.

Blik payment in messenger - revolution in social commerce

We have integrated the KODA operating system with the BLIK quick payment mechanism, so that the whole purchase process can be closed in Messenger, without the need to navigate to other subpages – the online store or the marketplace. In addition, the transaction does not require a standard checkout – all data about the buyer is retrieved automatically from the buyer’s Facebook profile. The customer, in a chat window on the brand’s profile, can choose product parameters and enter the delivery address, which is automatically forwarded to the seller’s system. To finalize the transaction, the user just needs to enter the BLIK code during the conversation with the bot and confirm the payment on their bank’s mobile app. We have already started working on a voice-controlled version of this solution as well. 

Implementation of new NLP 2.0 mechanisms

The upgrade enables automatic detection of words, taking into account their conjugation. It no longer matters how we type a word, the NLP 2.0 mechanism will reduce it to its root form. The solution significantly increases the effectiveness of detecting users’ intentions and understanding the messages they send, and thus improves their satisfaction with the conversation and the effectiveness of the bot’s communication.  

The implementation is another step towards strengthening our collaboration with Wrocław University of Technology.

Integration with Business Intelligence platforms

KODA introduces the functionality of dedicated integration with Business Intelligence platforms such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI. The chatbot data can now be available not only in the built-in statistics dashboard, but also accessible in the BI system used in your company. With the integration, you can combine chatbot data with ad campaign data, sales figures, or other data sets to look for mutual correlations and links.

You can also use the data collected to build custom visualizations and reports in Google Data Studio.

Integration with Jira software

Jira is a platform used to organize work and to launch and monitor processes in organizations. It facilitates teamwork, is an effective tool for workflow management, provides excellent system support for processes taking place in any company, enables effective project management and helps to monitor their efficiency.

Thanks to the integration of the KODA system with the Jira software, you can organize conversation threads and topics, create tickets, prioritize them and forward them to Jira. It is yet another functionality that significantly optimizes work and reduces the time needed for handling communication with users.

Integration with Zendesk

Zendesk is a leader in helpdesk solutions for tracking, prioritizing and distributing customer tickets. It aggregates communication across multiple channels such as contact forms, emails, chats, instant messaging and social media.  

By integrating Zendesk with the KODA operating system, we are able to take a significant load off our customers’ shoulders in terms of handling their users, and help them sort out the history of chats and issues reported. It automatically transfers all tickets to Zendesk and then enables assigning them to the relevant operator. 

With this solution, the customer does not have to search through chat history and maintains full control over user tickets. 

Advanced analytics panel

The extended analytics panel enables users to create automatic, personalized dashboards with selected statistics and data about the bot.
This means an even better and more customized display of information on the solution effectiveness, depending on the selected purpose, industry, and individual business needs.

Easy Dialogflow configuration on KODA Bots platform

Configuration of recognized user’s intentions, obtained user data (entities) and matching them to the right answers – all will be possible from one spot, i.e. our platform. This makes it easier to create intelligent bots based on the natural language processing engine from Google.

Empowering proprietary NLP engine

We organize and integrate the linguistic databases compiled within the projects carried out so far. We also develop libraries of our proprietary NLP rules engine.
This will increase the bots’ ability to understand users, and thus will provide the freedom and naturalness of interactions.

Customer service specialist availability check protocol

We implement further features to facilitate interactions between users and CS specialists, where the issue in question is complex or still exceeds the bot’s scope of expertise. We will enable, for example, a CS specialists availability check feature in the dialogue box used to talk to the bot.

Voicebot on your website

We implement text-to-speech processing tool for chatbots on websites (or web chatbots) created on our platform. This will allow for interaction between with users using their voice, and the bot using a speech synthesizer, which will read what they have been only able to display on the screen so far.

Outgoing message templates

We develop our module for sending push messages to users. The latest upgrade introduces the feature for creating outgoing message templates.

This makes it faster and more convenient to compose status, promotion or reminder messages, having a similar information structure and forwarded to databases of users, who meet the same criteria.

Improved working comfort for moderators

We’ve developed inbox features, where we combine the bot conversations history from different contact channels. Based on insight from tests carried out by our clients, we’ve added, for example, a message counter and an ‘already read’ message label.

The solution will increase the working comfort and efficiency of people handling the calls.

Technology partnership with Altar

We’ve started technological cooperation with one of the largest Polish suppliers of modern solutions and software for call centers Together we implement the concept of “all in one” contact center, combining voice solutions with automated customer service using chatbot.

Bots on WhatsApp for Business

We develop bots for WhatsApp, the most popular IM in the world, integrated with KODA Bots inbox. It’s a one more step towards providing omnichannel communication using scenarios developed and managed from one spot.

WhatsApp chatbot: sposób na automatyzację komunikacji
Voicebots for hotlines

We’re integrated with Audiocodes, an Israeli equipment and services provider, one of the global leaders in the ICT market. We can already create bots available on phone numbers of our clients. This helps us to ease the workload from call center employees and increase the hotline capacity.

All your conversations with clients in one place

Messages from various contact channels with a company – chat rooms on websites, bots in Facebook Messenger, and in the future also voicebots – go to a single, central inbox on our platform.

The module allows for using advanced filtering features by the contact channel or conversation subject and to intercept the conversation by the CS specialist.


We shorten the chatbot management time

The developed version of the administration cockpit is a response to the needs of our customers. It allows you to switch between edit and statistical mode. It includes an improved push notification sending module and many other improvements that facilitate the work on chatbot management, allowing you to quickly navigate through the admin panel.

We shorten the chatbot management time
Creating bots for Google intelligent systems

We have integrated our platform with Actions on Google, thanks to which we create bots for the Google Assistant application and voice-managed devices, eg Google Home.

This allows customers to have a personalized, automated dialogue with your company not only using the keyboard but also their voice – the most natural and convenient form of communication – in the only voice assistant in Polish.

Chatbot contests ready for publishing in just several minutes

We changed the contest panel that enables to organize and manage contest entries. Before the contest even starts, its organizers can adjust the panel to their needs and the rules of a specific game.

We used the new contest panel to create the chatbots for Heineken or Żubrówka Czarna.


All chatbots in one... multi-chatbot

All you need is just a single chatbot, which is available in many locations, to improve communication with clients on many brand fan pages at the same time

This solution is used by Accor, one of the biggest hotel chains in the world. The multi-chatbot ensures full control over client communication and increases the response time to guest feedback. It manages the structure of the chatbot, depending on individual hotel Facebook fan pages. Specific hotels have dedicated panels at their disposal, which they can use to enter individual data, like contact emails, directions to hotel locations, and responses to intents detected in the NLP system (e.g. whether a given hotel has free parking).


New sources of chatbot users

We implemented promotional widgets: Messenger Checkbox and Messenger Button. They give you additional opportunities to promote your chatbot and drive quality traffic to your chatbot.

Wroclaw Airport successfully uses promotional widgets. Travelers who visit the airport’s website can sign up for notifications of specific flights with just a single click.


New sources of chatbot users
Prepare yourself for a super-intelligent chatbot

When Google started to support Polish in its flagship NLP product, we integrated it with our platform. Thereby, we enhanced our natural language processing system, which we have been successfully developing on our platform.

The integration saves the downloaded data (entities) in a user profile and enables to use it in defined blocks inside the chatbot structure.

Prepare yourself for a super-intelligent chatbot
Collect valuable data during conversations

Thanks to the expanded form module, you can quickly add and check whether the chatbot has all the necessary form fields and if their value is properly displayed in conversation flows. Collecting data from users has never been so simple.



3 ways to gain new chatbot users

We always provide marketing support to the chatbots we create. We added 3 new functions to the developed module, which enable you to gain new users. You can create widgets, like auto replies to comments, links, or messenger codes, and you can easily measure their effectiveness.

Faster chatbot development

We improved the chatbot structure module by minimizing the number of blocks needed to create a chatbot. Thanks to this, optimization is much easier.

Actions, which have been reserved only for blocks, are now assigned to elements and buttons!

Sell through your chatbot – e-commerce module

You can sell your products and services in a faster and more comfortable way and, at the same time, increase customer satisfaction during the purchase process. With the newly implemented function, users can add items to a shopping cart (or wish list) while looking through product catalogs inside your chatbot, to then complete their order on your shopping site.

Increased performance of your marketing and sales activities

We took a further step towards improving automation. We added special functions that automate sending push notifications and enable you to create message and API templates. Thanks to this, sending messages from external systems is no longer a problem.  


Contest organizing made simpler

We improved the contest module to make it easier for you to look through contest entries, export them, and select winners.

Pepco was the first brand to use our new contest module.

Chatbots designed following GDPR

We adapted the KODA Bots platform to the newest personal data protection regulations. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all the activities you carry out in your chatbot comply with GDPR.

Accessing data by users, implementing a system based on user roles and permissions, the acceptance of Terms of Use by chatbot users, and the automatic deletion of all user data from the database. This is only a small part of the functionalities we introduced to strengthen security and ensure that the KODA Bots platform complies with the new rules on the processing of personal data.

Chatbots designed following GDPR
Better understanding of clients

We created our own solution to analyze user behavior. With quick access to chatbot data, you can easily respond to the changing needs of your clients.

Besides the information you have at your disposal in the admin panel, you can download reports on, e.g. block views statistics, the performance of the speech recognition module, or the entered keywords.

Opening up to external systems

We made it possible to combine our technology with clients’ IT systems. This gives them a competitive advantage and opens up new opportunities for their chatbot communication activities.

Thanks to such features as account linking (combining accounts from 2 systems) or dynamic carousels (which can be used to display data from external systems), we were able to create the 4FUN.TV chatbot, which combines 3 different systems: a mobile app, broadcasting system, and the KODA Bots platform.

Opening up to external systems
One chatbot on your brand website and Messenger

We introduced a web widget, which enables real-time interaction with customers on your website or any other place. Thanks to this, the response time is increased, so you can immediately respond to client problems, which they report to your company.

The first version of the web chatbot, which we used on the Home Broker portal, was available on Messenger as well as on the brand’s website. There, the web version was entirely independent of Facebook/Messenger but had the same structure as the Messenger chatbot version.

New admin dashboard layout

Along with the development of the platform, we changed the layout of the admin dashboard. Thanks to the new interface, creating chatbots is even simpler.

The debut of the quizz module

The module expanded the possibility to hold competitions on Facebook. It enables to create single-choice quizzes, count the number of correct answers, and later to publish the results.

The module made its debut together with the chatbot built for Męskie Granie, in 2017.

The first version of the admin dashboard

We implemented our first ideas, like blocks and actions, which are still present on our platform. Back then, the panel allowed to create chatbots without coding skills, and this is so till today.

We merged additional features with the admin dashboard, including a simulator, the first NLP module, or the possibility to send push notifications to users.

Chatbot deployment for Play

Our first production deployment. The changes in the configuration required programming work. The chatbot responded to questions on the biggest at that time Facebook fan page in Poland.

We began working on the KODA Bots platform