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Case Study

Virtual assistantsPlayer and TVN24 GO

TVN Discovery Group
Area of automation:
Customer service
Communication channel:
chatbot solves over a half
of users’ problems
4 000
messages exchanged every day
4 minutes
is an average
session length


  • to reduce the burden on the customer support staff
  • to ensure more flexibility in case queries suddenly pile up in large numbers
When five years ago Player’s customer service launched Facebook Messenger as a new communication channel with users, it seemed a rather unusual idea. Social media platforms were then perceived as a good place for entertainment and advertising. But it is Facebook Messenger that was to become a leading communication channel for the users of VOD platforms owned by TVN Group. Viewers often have phones with them and smooth multiscreen interactions are nothing unusual. If they have any problems while watching a VOD film, they need to get them solved quickly.
So, they communicate with the service provider via a dedicated messaging system and receive help at any time of day. Consequently, it was a natural development path for customer service. To make it work efficiently, it was necessary to implement automation processes.

Project preparation – client’s perspective

“We launched our preparations from having a close look at the already used customer support automation solutions in the US and Europe. For instance, Blue Bot – a chatbot of well-known airlines – is a perfect example of how natural and smooth such conversations can be. It is perfectly prepared in terms of linguistic accuracy and quickly walks customers through journey-related processes. This and other examples whetted our appetite for innovation and set our expectations as to the AI solutions extremely high,” says Grzegorz Przywara, Customer Care Director, “It took a real long time to find a company that would meet our expectations. The KODA Bots team is exactly what we were looking for. We had lots of long and open discussions. We knew that what we needed to
start with was a simple concept, followed by more complex and independent solutions.”
The works on bot development started with listing the most frequent questions and typical problems reported by VOD platform users. This provided the grounds for drawing up scenarios of conversations and providing assistance, that is thousands of messages adapted to numerous variables.

Testing launch

Julia was the first chatbot launched to interact with users. Both the client and the KODA Bots team decided to test it on the less popular platform TVN24 GO. The chatbot did so well that automated communication was introduced on the channel with a tenfold bigger traffic. In February 2020, Radek – Julia’s twin chatbot – took his duties as a virtual assistant in the Player service.
Chatbots worked under the watchful eye of the customer care staff. The conversations were analyzed carefully. Any ambiguities or inconsistencies were precious, as they allowed to optimize the content.
At present, nearly a half of all queries to the customer care department of is submitted via the Facebook Messenger app.

Benefits of automation

1. Reducing the burden on the customer service staff

Julia and Radek deal with over 50% of all reported issues on their own. The staff can focus on more complex cases, but are ready to jump in the conversation at any time and help to solve the problem. Everything can be followed on a panel, that is a place where messages from various sources are collected: Facebook Messenger, e-mail box, helpline, Instagram and shops with mobile apps. Bots are fully integrated with the CRM Salesforce and have become an intrinsic part of the whole customer care system.

2. Ensuring more flexibility in case queries suddenly start to pile up in large numbers

The customer service can quickly deal with a sudden increase in traffic on Friday evening. This happened at Player on the opening night of Jan Komasa’s film “The Hater. Suicide Room” (Pol: “Hejter. Sala samobójców”). The long awaited title was posted for sale on VOD shortly after its official premiere in cinemas and the number of user queries increased tenfold. Some situations, however, cannot be predicted, for instance, a software update of mobile devices that may cause some technical problems. When users report them, it is enough to add a few lines of a conversation and a chatbot is ready to respond and provide assistance almost instantly.

Users’ evaluation

User satisfaction is a critical success factor for such a form of communication. What users value in particular is fast response to their queries and 24/7 assistance availability. A satisfied customer returns whenever new problems emerge, because they know that they can count on effective support. A half of all queries to Player’s customer care department is now submitted via the FB Messenger app and the number will continue to grow. Using this communication channel is becoming more and more convenient, because sometimes it is not even necessary to write a message. The most popular issues are put in scroll galleries. The automated communication platform always follows users’ preferences.

Platform development

Plans for the future include extending the range of tools for communication. A first contact with the customer care department may mark the beginning of a long relationship with a brand. Users can receive more personalized messages that correspond exactly to their interests. Those waiting for a sports event will be informed when the broadcast begins. TV series fans will receive messages with exacts dates and time when the latest episodes are released. The opportunities are endless and depend on what information users reveal about their preferences. Such personalization is possible only thanks to the advanced tools for storing large amounts of data. This is the future of designing and enhancing user experience.

New interaction possibilities

The implementation of the Player and TVN24 GO chatbots proves that Messenger is an effective way to improve customer outreach and support. Not only because the automated communication platform is easy to manage and use, but also because it opens new possibilities for building and strengthening customer relations. Chatbots have so far been associated with automated, mass communication. However, the technology is developing dynamically. It allows to learn about customers’ preferences and use new marketing automation formats. Users can be called by their first name, an interaction can be launched exactly at the time when they need help, at the right moment of the purchasing process. Chatbots inspire and suggest products that users may be interested in. We are entering the age of hyper-personalization and a well-designed chatbot provides tailor-made assistance and recommendations for each individual customer.